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Monday, April 1, 2013

B Is For Zoe Bell

It's Day 2 of the Big A to Z and things are moving right along. Please check out the other awesome participants by clicking the button on the top right of my side bar.

I know many of you probably thought I would spotlight Katheryn Bigelow, first female winner of the Best Director Oscar and whose film, Zero Dark Thirty, was nominated for Best Picture this year. But I want to shine a light on talented and powerful women in Hollywood you may or may not know. One of these amazing ladies is stunt woman and actress Zoe Bell.

Her career started in 1992 at age 14 when she jumped out of a car for the New Zealand soap Shortland Street. She moved on to do stunts for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, where she doubled for Lucy Lawless. At one point, she fractured a vertebrae doing wire work and continued to work for a week until a chair smashed across her back during another sequence put her out of commission for a while.

She doubled for Uma Thurman in the Kill Bill films, where she learned to fight wushu style for the job. Zoe  impressed Tarantino so much that he gave her a role in his Grindhouse feature Death Proof. Bell has gone on to do stunt work in other Q projects including Inglorious Basterds and most recently Django Unchained. Her other stunt work includes such films as Ultraviolet, Catwoman (where she performed a 200 foot fall), Poseidon, Penny Dreadful, The Kingdom, The Collector,The Proposal, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and the new Tom Cruise film, Oblivion, where  she also has a small role.

Bell also has twenty-two acting titles to her credit including Whip It, Gamer, Oblivion, The Baytown Outlaws as well as such television shows as Lost, CSI: Miami, Alias and Hawaii Five-O.

Zoe has won three World Stunt Awards, one for Best Fight and two for Best Overall Stunt by a Woman.
She has been nominated for and won a Maverick Movie Award for Best Stunt. Bell has a reputation for dedication, skill and focus. I think she is one bad ass bitch, making her way to the top in a very masculine environment.

Are you all enjoying yourselves so far? I'm really digging all the posts I've seen so far.


  1. Yes, I am enjoying myself.

    You are a storehouse of information, Melissa; I am totally blown away.
    And...your theme is brilliant - I love learning about the woman you are highlighting for this A-Z.


  2. Bravo! It is a great post to the "B"... enjoying!

    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host
    Oh No, Let's Go... Crazy

  3. She was really impressing in Death Proof and it was cool she got to act as well as do the stunts. "I'm okay!!!"

  4. I'm really glad you've highlighted Zoe Bell. It takes a lot of talent, determination, and hard work to do those kinds of stunts. I've never seen Death Proof, but I think I will now. (:

  5. She was Xena's stunt double? That's neat. She's accomplished a lot.

  6. I learned something new today - Zoe Bell is a kickass woman and I admire kickass women. Like Melissa Bradley!

  7. WOW, What a woman! I think it's awesome that she can be so physical in her stunts and keep your sexy femininity.... Great B choice, Melissa....

    Glad you enjoyed my post yesterday. Means so much...

  8. must admit this is the first I hear about her, Bell doesn't ring a bell LOL

  9. I love me some Zoe Bell - she's a terrifically attractive woman who takes on challenges I would run screaming from. Another corker choice and post MB!

  10. Wow, I am impressed! She is one tough and amazing lady~
    I love that she can kick ass...I wish I could, lol

    I love your theme Melissa! Thank you for pushing boundaries and show casing Woman who kick it, in all art forms :D

    I now want to go watch Kill Bill, lol

  11. Hello, Melissa! I'm familiar with her from Whip It. I didn't realize she was a stuntwoman, too! How cool. Great theme for this Challenge!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  12. Zoe Bell is all kinds of greatness, have you seen the documentary she was in from 2004 Double Dare?


    Check it out if you haven't!

  13. Michael's comment above pretty much sums up my thoughts! I love your choice of topic for the A to Z. I'll be sure to come back and see your future posts :)

    (Grover at Inane Ramblings)

  14. I play a Twitter game called Six degrees of Joss Whedon (just like six degrees of Kevin Bacon, just with Joss instead) and Zoe was the chosen actress one day. I was sad to say, I'd never heard of her.

    Can't say that anymore!

  15. Wow, she started really young! I'm surprised they let her, given her age. But good for her! I love strong females :)

  16. Great idea to focus on women not as well known. I'd never heard of Zoe and this was interesting to read. Always love learning about strong women!

  17. Now this is what I call an unsung hero Melissa. Stunt people get little to no respect, but she's made a real impact on films.

  18. Great idea for the A-Z project. Zoe seems like a fascinating person.

  19. I saw part of the documentary featuring Zoe Bell. She seems like a tough woman, but I guess you have to be in the stunt business.

    Great post!

  20. I have to say I expected to see Bigelow here, but, as you pointed out, your theme is more about shining the spotlight on lesser-known talents. Great selection in Bell.

  21. Yeah, Zoe totally kicks ass! Loved her hilarious performance in Death Proof.

  22. She does rather resemble Uma Thurman, a wee bit. Girlfriend's a BAMF! So glad to see you supporting GIRL POWAH this A to Z!!! :-)
    Some Dark Romantic


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