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Sunday, June 30, 2013

World War Z

Happy Monday, Imaginarians! Hope you all had a great weekend. I took my nephew to see one of my most highly anticipated films this year, World War Z. I was looking forward to this one because I was hoping they would liven up the book, which to me is very dry, being a series of interviews about the zombie apocalypse. Zombies must be active for me and happening right now, memories of the apocalypse are just passive and rather boring. So I was all geared up for this and was not disappointed.

The story moves fast, Brad and family are getting ready for the day and there are subtle hints that Brad has a past of some import. The little things said in the dialogue between him and his wife, played perfectly by Mirielle Enos, and the daughter questioning why his job is just to make breakfast. And the TV news in the background that he watches. Terrific, if brief character development for our hero. Soon all hell breaks loose while they just sitting in traffic. I really dug that as I've sat in rush hour traffic fantasizing about alien invasions, zombies, etc. and this movie went there. Hell to the yeah. The melee that ensues is spot on reaction by people.

From there it  relentless pace with some slow down time here and there so we can catch our breath. The action is stunning, using shaky cam effects to wonderful effect as it gives you the feeling of being right there in the midst of it all. We are creeping down the dim halls with Brad, there as the  zombies rush at him. The scenes in the apartment building as they are headed to the roof are chaotic and cool as hell. I thought it was brilliant that they taped magazines to their arms to help avoid bites.

I loved the CGI here, it was somewhat natural looking and not too cartoony as CGI can be. The scene where the horde envelops an Israeli city is amazing. And I thought the creepiest zombie ever was the woman in the glass cage at the World Health Organization lab. Yikes! Those snapping teeth and the unholy hissing along with her disturbing eyes was just ewww... I really dug the speed of the zombies and how they were drawn by noise. Forster created some wonderfully tense moments that had the audience in my theater gasping at every small sound.

There were some bad product placement, which I did not like, but I've seen worse. There was no swearing and no gore whatsoever, which are kind of important when dealing with the end of the world and zombies in my opinion. I think this movie was epic fun and you will enjoy it. I can't wait to own it.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Field Trip To The Wild Side

Hey there, Happy Tuesday!!! And I am in heaven because.... my beloved Blackhawks are Stanley Cup Champions!! Whoo Hoo!!!  Congrats to Toews, Campbell, Kaner, Sharp and the rest of the boys. I think I'll be floating in to work for the next few days.

And while I am on this high, I'm also taking a walk on the wild side and visiting with Mistress Snark over Laura Eno's fabulous place. While I'm in this mood, who knows what may happen to me as I indulge in the mysterious punch served up by Jezebel...

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Man Of Steel

Hey there Imaginarians! Did you all have a great weekend? I did. I took my nephew to see Man of Steel and what an epic film. My nephew and I were clutching the arms of our seats for almost the whole film. Okay, before I go blathering off on a hundred different tangents, how about I just get into my review? LOL

We all know the story of Superman, he's been part of our group think for decades, but Zack Snyder (300, Dawn of the Dead) has given our favorite Kryptonian a slightly new polish and it works. There was lots of noise about this being too dark, too gritty, but in a word...Hell no. Superman is still the exact same square-jawed boy scout, however, he's been made a little more real and accessible. I never bought into this kid growing up with perfect acceptance of his powers, no feelings of isolation, no adjustments or anything. The comics have always glossed over that, at least the ones I remember reading. hell, even the Chris Reeve film, the standard bearer, whitewashed that part. This Superman is along the lines of the Smallville Clark Kent, an eminently more realistic and yes, believable, hero. I don't know about you, but I want to know that my hero has struggled, that he's had to overcome and still struggles. You can't have good without some bad, there is no perfection. Saints have their flaws and so should superheroes. Oh I can hear the protests now, "Mel, Superman's not human, he's from Krypton." Bull shit. He's humanoid and anything remotely human is flawed to the nth degree.

I digress.

Cavill brings this Superman to wondrous life. He struggles, he's isolated, hell, he's scruffy, something that Clark Kent never was before and I love it. Henry's turn is strong, quiet, yet there is a commanding air about him. He has humor, warmth and a deep love for those around him. He gets ticked off and there is one scene where he avoids a bar fight, but gets his own revenge and I pumped my fist. It was beautiful.

Amy Adams is terrific as Lois. Smart, strong and a take-no-prisoners attitude coupled with compassion and a huge heart. She risks herself for Clark because of who he is and what she finds out he has gone through. She's not awed by his looks. The chemistry between Adams and Cavill sizzles. They fairly smoked the screen. You could feel the depth of attraction and affection. I cannot wait for chapter 2 of this romance.

Now for the villain of the piece...Kneel before Zod, er Michael Shannon. Oh my God was he incredible. Zod is a warrior, sworn to protect Krypton and their way of life to the exclusion of all else and Shannon delivers that depth of duty and psychosis in a pure crazed, relentless performance. I could not take my eyes off of him when he was on screen. He even outshone Russell Crowe and the delicious Cavill in some cases.

The supporting cast was terrific as well. Diane Lane and Kevin Costner were so amazing as the Kents, a couple struggling to raise not only a child, but a being who will change our world. Their performances were honest and true. Laurence Fishburne did not get enough screen time as Perry White, but I hope he remained because he was not only a hard-nosed news man, but he had a softer side that made me love him. He and Amy had great rapport. Harry Lennix and Christopher Meloni struck a perfect balance between hard nosed soldier and decent fellow. They weren't flat, stock soldiers like Stephen Lang in Avatar.

I do have to make special mention of the badass bitch of the movie, Antje Traue as Zod's second, Faora Ul. She rocked it, kicking ass and taking names. Her fight scenes were hellagood and I hope she gets more action work ASAP.

The fx were bold, brilliant and just had my mouth agape almost the whole time. I could have caught Skittles in my trap. Zack Snyder knows how to do big action, yet keep human and real, unlike Michael Bay. Each fight, explosion, etc. has a purpose beyond "wouldn't that be cool."

There was really only one flaw for me and that was Krypton. I thought it was a little overdone, too much like Dune in some sort of medieval, opera style when it should have been more tech and smooth like Minority Report or Star Trek. For me people who have to fight with metal swords don't travel in space.

Overall this was one hellacious good time and I can't wait to strap in for another.

Any of you see this yet? What did you think? Talk to me.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Overwhelming Appreciation, Films Etc. Etc.

I've been so sporadic in the blogosphere of late and I feel horrible.  My sincerest apologies to all of you out there. Depressed and just lacking any sort of creative vibes,  I'm pleased to say that I am finally starting to feel better and it is thanks to all of you. I am humbled and so blessed that you took the time to come over here and visit me, leaving such wonderful comments. It means the world. I am so happy that you have stuck with me and continue to stick with me. I love you!!

So much has been going on while I've been crying into my Diet Pepsi and I want to share the awesome news. Marta Szemik was featured on Writers 4 Writers. Yay!! Congrats Marta, I hope you garner huge successes.

My friend Maynard over at the brilliant and witty, Horror Movie Diary celebrated 4 years in the blogosphere. Happy Birthday, Maynard!! Here's to many more years of awesome reviews and other news.

Another incredible friend, Jeffrey Beesler has released the tense and absorbing book Optical Osmosis. He'll be doing a blog tour in July so be sure to check out his site for details. Congratulations, Jeffrey!!

I have also watched several films, catching up on ones I have missed in the theater. I saw Cloud Atlas and Oz: The Great and Powerful. Cloud Atlas was intriguing, long and somewhat muddled. It made me think and had me wanting to see it again just to figure out what I might have missed. Oz was a visual feast from start to finish and I loved James Franco's carnival huckster wizard. They stuck with the black and white to color just like the original film which I appreciated. Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams were terrific as the witches.

In the theaters, I saw Iron Man 3 and Fast and Furious 6. Both exceeded my expectations and you should definitely check them out.

Fast 6 is high octane thrills from start to finish with an awesome story that amps up events from Fast 5. best of all is the return of Michelle Rodriguez as Letty, one of the most badass bitches ever. Hot men, hot cars and awesome fight scenes make this one of my favorites so far. Best girl fight ever between Gina Carano and Michelle Rodriguez. These two make most men look like wimps. LOL

Iron Man 3 is the return of one of my very favorite Avengers and heroes, Tony Stark aka Iron Man. This film picks up after the events of avengers and sees Tony rethinking his life. Loved Guy Pierce, he's so smarmy delicious and the Mandarin twist was pure awesome sauce. Okay as an aside to this film, I am going out on a limb. I know that there are purists out there who believe the comics should stick faithfully to the origins, etc, but let's not forget these characters were created 50 years ago and more. They need to change with the times and Mandarin was a horrifically racist, stereotype character ala Kato that has no place in today's world. Like Stan Lee's "heroines" who are all basically sex dolls with submissive personalities and no real powers...Sue Storm, I'm looking at you.

Anyway, that is what I have been doing of late. I've also been dipping my toe back into the writing and creative pool with some art dates, a picnic and some jewelry making.

So what has everyone been up to? Have you seen any of these films? What did you think? Should we change superheroes to keep them current?  Think I am out of my ever loving mind? Talk to me. :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Insecure Writers Support Group

I can't believe that June is here already. Before I get started, I want to thank everyone who commented on my fitness post. You really made my whole week and touched me more than I'll ever be able to say. Thank you very much.I'm still working through comments, but I promise I will get back to all of you.

Anyway, it is another installment of the IWSG or Insecure Writers Support Group founded by Alex J. Cavanaugh. We writers air our insecurities, triumphs and terrors and other things.

I'm afraid that today I don't have much to say because well, I have not been writing. At all. Not one syllable on any thing remotely resembling fiction. I have no desire to, don't know where it went. My crit partners are on my case, my awesome friend Michael Di Gesu has been kicking my butt, but to no avail. I used to write compulsively whenever the mood struck, which was quite frequently. Now, there's nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada. I'd rather watch or read a good story. I haven't even done my other creative pursuits like jewelry making, coloring, painting and drawing. I try to laugh it off, say I'm being lazy or whatever, because the truth is awful.

It's like there is this giant black hole where my Muse used to reside. I am utterly empty, I have no words at all. I was burned out for a while, but I don't know if that is the case anymore. What if I never get my creative mojo back? I know that sounds stupid, but I honestly feel that way.

Sorry to be such a complete downer, but I am just completely drained and sad right now.