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Thursday, April 4, 2013

E Is For Megan Ellison

It's Friday and the first week of the A to Z is almost up. I know I'm going to be playing catch up this weekend. I'm really, really excited because my book Encore Performances, is getting the Michael Di Gesu special treatment over at his blog In Time today. When you have a moment, please stop by and check out the amazing intro he wrote for me. Thank you, Michael!

Megan Ellison is a dynamo of a producer whom you've probably never heard of, but you will. She is on the fast track to being a giant in Hollywood. Getting her start in 2006, Megan financed an independent film, Waking Madison, about a woman who locks herself in a room for thirty without food in order to cure her multiple personality disorder. From there she went on to help finance several projects which went nowhere until she invested in the Coen Brothers remake True Grit.

In 2011, she founded Annapurna Pictures, a studio that has produced some of the finest pictures this past year including The Master, Zero Dark Thirty, Lawless and Killing Them Softly. On the project list this year are The Grandmaster, Her and Foxcatchers. We will be hearing about Megan more often as her future's so bright, she's gotta wear shades like the song says.

My E post today is a little bit sad as my man, Roger Ebert, passed away yesterday. He was a giant among film critics, a true intellect who understood film as few people do. He had the wit and incisiveness of a critic, but the soul of a passionate intellect. He wrote volumes on cinema, its history, its creative movements and its great characters. No one does that anymore and he will be missed. The balcony is closed forever.


  1. Roger Ebert will certainly be missed.
    I've never heard of Megan Ellison before, but it sounds like she has all the ingredients for success in Hollywood.

  2. I had to mention Ebert today as well. He was a very respected critic.
    Michael does awesome intros! Looking forward to yours today.

  3. I wasn't familiar with Ms. Ellison, but wow, yeah, with a resume like that building up, she's definitely going places!

    I hope Roger has found Gene, and that they're sharing some popcorn and watching a great movie even now. RIP Roger Ebert.

  4. I'm going to miss Ebert, too. I used to love watching his show with Gene.

  5. I saw the news about Roger Ebert, so sad!

    Megan Ellison sounds like an up and coming behind-the-scenes star for sure!

  6. The balcony has reopened in the afterlife with Siskle, RIP Ebert. I'm a bit ashamed I wasn't aware of Megan Ellison, excellent post she does sounds like a strong strong force in Hollywood.

  7. RIP Roger Ebert. He will be missed indeed. Great post, and thanks for introducing me to Megan Ellison--will have to look up some of her films.

  8. RIP Roger.

    I read Michael's intro to your book, Melissa, and it's been given the sultry treatment. Why do I never get pulled over by a cop like that? My first ticket ever was given to me by a rookie cop who wanted to make points by issuing a ticket to the first person in the speeding group. Oops.

  9. Megan Ellison looks so young to be so accomplished. Good for her!

    Ebert's passing is a sad day for the film industry. He could really dissect and discuss a movie unlike any other.

  10. Megan Ellison is another unsung hero. I'm off to Michael's site!

  11. Excellent choice! If not for Ellison's recognition of real Hollywood talent and her willingness to support it (PT Anderson and The Master come to mind), us cinephiles would have to suffer through even more desultory filth.

    And I love the Ebert acknowledgment. We're all moved by his passing. His tremendous legacy will suffer no misfortune.

  12. Go Megan! I was sorry to hear about Roger. Will pop over to Michael's.

  13. What a great tribute, *goes off to check links* and see if I can find Waking Madison :)

  14. Grateful we had Roger Ebert for a while . .
    Thanks for your post,
    A to Z visitor,

  15. Love Indie producers - the quality of film is so much better! Will watch for more from Meg. And yes, we will miss Roger Ebert - a very classy man.

  16. Awww... Glad you like the intro! It was TRULY my pleasure!

    Sad about Ebert too.... I had just seen an interview the day before he died and he just said he would be cutting down and taking it easy.... and then .... poof!

    Another talented woman ... fascinating theme, Melissa.

  17. Impressive career, and she's still sooo young! Wow!

    Omg the detah of Roger shocked me. I mean, we all knew that he was in a bad condition, still I hoped he'll get better and he'll be able to continue watching movies, writing more awesome reviews. R.I.P Mr. Ebert


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