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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Q Is For Joanna Quinn

It's Friday, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! These last couple of days have been drowning Chitown and the rest of the Midwestern area. I had to take a canoe to work and half expected to see the animals lining up two by two. I can't believe we are nearing the end of week three of the A to Z. High fives my fellow challengers, keep up the amazing work.

My Q entry is for animator, director and producer Joanna Quinn. Her first animated feature was Girls Night Out in 1987. It featured her distinctive style, drawn on paper and animated by hand. This film introduced the world to Beryl, an anti heroine who has many a misadventure while on her way to see a male stripper. Quinn's studio, Beryl Productions is named after her quirky girl.

Joanna has gone on to create 5 more animated features including Body Beautiful, Famous Fred, Elles and Canterbury Tales: The Wife of Bath. Her studios have produced commercial animated shorts for companies like United Airlines and Charmin. In the US, I'm sure we are all familiar with the red and blue toilet paper bears. 

She has been twice nominated for an Academy Award and has won 4 BAFTAs. Her work has garnered her 2 Emmy awards as well as the Leonardo da Vinci International Art Award. Joanna has also earned jury prizes at every major international animation competition such as Annecy, France. 2008 saw her work compiled into an international exhibit called Drawings That Move.


  1. Know the Charmin commercial well. Although why bears need toilet paper is beyond me.
    It's been a really odd week here in the US, hasn't it? Least they got one of the bombers.

  2. I saw the picture of the bear first and thought "isn't that the Charmin bear?" I'm unfamiliar with the rest though.

  3. I loved Charmin commercial too, so adorably cute, especially the voice in it.

  4. The Charmin commercials are great bits of advertising. Nice to see the story behind them :)

  5. Did you really take a canoe to work or are you just pulling my leg?

  6. She's had an awesome career. Hope you dry out soon. We had snow earlier this week. It was like December.

  7. WE're just getting the big storm tonight. What a talented woman.

  8. I just gotta say Melissa, you through me for a huge curve there. Academy Award nominee and maker of Charmin toilet paper commercials. The best of both worlds.

  9. Wow, she sounds amazing, but Charmin was a surprise!
    Hey marketing is huge!
    She rocks...

  10. I've not seen her movies - or indeed heard of her before - but those Charmin bears are charmin' indeed - and I need to track down some of Ms. Quinn's features now.


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