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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Z Is For...Zee Big Finish!!!

Yay!!! I have reached the end of the big A to Z Challenge. It's been a hell of a ride and I have made so very many wonderful new friends. It only took me an extra week, but that's okay. I finished and I am proud of myself. And I couldn't be happier that you all stuck with me and are here to help me celebrate. I love you all and appreciate your support very much. It's party time people. Time to have too much gin and other liquid refreshments like Zillah. And what party would be complete without presents.

Hooray! Presents!!

You gotta love a free gift. If you want, just leave a comment, along with an email to contact, and on Tuesday night I will draw a name using my Atomic Randomizer. That lucky person will receive a download of my story, Byzantine Provocateur.

I know this party is getting off to rather late start. I apologize as my schedule is off-kilter for right now and I'm still trying to work things out. Thanks for bearing with me as I get my act together. Anyway, I'm babbling so let's get on to the show.

Z Is For...Zombie, Rob Zombie

You thought I was posting about those flesh-eating ghouls, didn't you? Well, I decided to go with one of the gods of my horror idolatry, Rob Zombie. What can I say about one of the coolest guys on planet Earth? He's a writer, director, and oh yeah, he rocks a heavy metal music career. A trifecta of cool in my book.

His movies may not always be the best, but they are a bloody awesome ride from start to finish. He has a true love of the genre and is a connoisseur of all things demented, scary, gory and evil. His films have a swagger and a 'tude that makes me want to grab a machete and jump right into the fray. House of a 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects are his best work. The Firefly clan is right up there with Freddy, Michael, Jason and Leatherface. In 2007 he rebooted Halloween, part of a spate of classic horror remakes. It was not his best, but I relished it nonetheless. It was Michael Myers, come on.

For his awesome as hell director buds Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, Zombie did a fake trailer for their 2007 Grindhouse collaboration. Werewolf Women of the S.S. was one sexy hilarious beast of a short with Nic Cage rockin' a fu manchu 'stache. Here's a look...

Rob Zombie is great fun if you have a certain, twisted outlook on things like I do. He's certainly not for everyone.


  1. Well done, Melissa. Congrats on finishing the challenge.
    all the best,
    Chapter One Analysis: Hunger Games

  2. Well done Melissa, better late than never.

  3. Zillah! I swear we've heard so many amazing names in this list of yours, Melsy :)

  4. Great job finishing the challenge, Melissa!

    I enjoyed each and every one of your posts. Your choices and descriptions were fascinating.

    I expected Zombies to take your Z title and I wasn't so far off. Rob Zombie is a talented badass mofo. And kudos on the video embed!

    As for your contest, you already have my e-mail. Great giveaway contest!

    A big finish in what was a spirited race! Well-done!

  5. Well done you :) Yay!

  6. Z is for... It's finally over :) LOL. Just kidding. This challenge has been huge! Not sure if I could handle with it. You did, and I loved every single one of your posts, Mel.

    I don't mind Zombie, though I'm not a huge fan of him either. Liked "The Devil Rejects", hated "The House", and I thought this "Halloween" remakes were passable. His trailer in "Grindhouse" was great!

  7. Yaaay! It was quite a ride, huh? I intended to go back and visit the blogs I didn't get to on the challenge, but somehow I decided the blogs I follow need more attention than they got in April.

    Love the Rob Zombie and I enjoy you, Melissa. :)

  8. @Mood Thank you very much!

    @Ricky Thanks! And you're right, it's better to finish a little late than not at all. :)

  9. @Dez Isn't Zillah a great name? Gorey sure knew how to pick some cool handles.

    @Matt Thank you so much! I'm happy you enjoyed all my topics. I wanted to do things that were unique, memorable and had an influence on how I see the world.

    Rob Zombie is completely badass. I wish his trailer would become a real film like Machete did.

  10. @Niki Thank you! I'm really happy that I pushed forward.

    @Nebular Aww...thanks, sweetie. I'm so happy you loved all my posts. I wanted to share things that were fun and important to me. Give you a glimpse into my brain,:).

    Glad you liked the Grindhouse trailer. :) That would make a very cool film.

    @MPax I know exactly what you mean. I'm behind, behind, behind... but I would not have traded my challenge experience for anything. We did great, my friend. :)

    Thank you! I enjoy you, too. Your posts inspire me.

  11. Congrats on finishing this challenge, Mel! It really was quite a ride :)
    Zombie rocks but I don't dig his Halloween remake.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. @Jaccstev Thank you so much!

    Yeah, the Halloween flicks weren't Rob's best, but I enjoyed them nonetheless.

    @Julia And a return ovation to you as well. :) We did good. I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and reading your brilliant and unique posts.

  14. Congrats on making it through the A to Z Blogging Challenge! I thank you for turning me on to it. I can't wait until next year to do it all over again.

    Rob Zombie - I play Dragula on the jukebox at the bowling alley. It helps me make strikes!

  15. I'm backtracking a little here! But a late congrats on finishing, and a good way to finish! Rob Zombie is epic in his own way, and Werewolf Women of the S.S. pwns everything so hard. I couldn't get enough of that 'stache if I tried. Well done!

  16. @M I knew you'd dig the stache. It's epic and so are Ilsa and her wolves. Werewolf Women definitely needs to be a feature film. Thanks!


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