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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We Have A Winner!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this little party giveaway. Now I put all your names into my Atomic Randomizer, patent pending, and drew out the name of one lucky winner who will receive a free download of my newest sexy hot tale, Byzantine Provocateur

So without further ado...Drum Roll...Congratulations Matt!

And this i not all the good news. Check out this gorgeous badge from Arlee at Tossing It Out for finishing the big A to Z. Isn't it B-E-A-utiful?

I'm so proud of myself and all my fellow challengers. We swung for the scoreboard and did an amazing job. Hell to the Yeah!! Here's to us. I'm pouring a much needed pomegranate martini and hoisting a toast.

I do have some tidbits to share in the coming days, but my schedule is still a bit wonky so my posting will be a bit off for a few more days. I apologize most sincerely to all my blog buddies out there that I am missing. I promise to be back visiting soon. Take care my friends and I will see you soon. Hugs!


  1. I raise a toast to you, Mel! Congratulations!
    Pomegranate martini sounds very very delicious!

    Congrats for the Byzantine Provocateur lucky winner too, I think Matt will have a really good time reading one of the hottest novels of the year.

  2. I kinda predicted that after the challenge most of you will go into hiatus :) to hibernate a bit :)
    None of you has superpowers like Dezz to survive everyday posting for two years now :)

  3. I took a full week off after the Challenge. Enjoy yours. Its much deserved!

  4. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello ... glad that you are getting back on schedule. Congrats on completing the challenge! I had fun, but I don't miss it, lol. That WAS a lot of posting.

    Hey, I need to check out your book!

    Hope that you have a wonderful week,

    Kathy M.

  5. Thanks Melissa! I'll pour myself a tall Jack n Coke along side your martini! Then we can toast to finishing the Challenge. And we didn't take any shortcuts.

    It has been my pleasure following you along. You run an awesome, well-written blog. And I really enjoy your feedback at my place. Keep up the terrific work!

    Thanks again! I can't wait to read it :)

  6. @Jaccstev Thank you! Pomegranate martinis are delicious. If you ever get a chance, try one. They are one of life's little joys.

    @Dezz You are the strongest, most awesome blogger out there, a true superhero writer and I stand in awe of your power. :)

    @Stephen Thanks! I need to get myself sorted out, but this sure was fun.

  7. @Clarissa Thanks! I'm so glad we connected here the blogosphere. I enjoy your posts very much.

    @Oregon Thank you so much Kathy! This was my first challenge and I had a great time. I hope you have a great week as well and thank you for supporting my book. :)

    @Matt Congratulations!! Here's to us for a challenge well met. I salute you my blogger bud and I hope that you enjoy Byzantine very much.

    Thank you very much for all your support. I love reading your comments and look forward to visiting your site. Your knowledge and chosen subject matters impress me each time. And another toast to long blogging careers for us both.

  8. Hi Melissa. Congrats to Matt. Yes, blogger has been very quiet. Especially ghostlike the last few days when it crashed altogether. Enjoy your recoup and hope to see you getting around soon!


    Romantic Friday Writers - Second Challenge - Lost.

  9. Ooh, congratulations Matt! Have fun in Istanbul :-)


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