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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How A Werewolf Took Over My Brain And Other Random Bits Of Coolness

Yes, you read that title right. ;) I am talking about my werewolf, story, Maxie Briscoe, over at the wicked cool blog of mystery writer Beth Anderson. I'm delving deep into how Maxie came to be. She quite literally took over my brain one day. Come on and join me here.

Secondly, one of the best things happened to me. The awesome Jeffrey Beesler is having an I'm 33 contest and yours truly has won a guest blog spot and critique. I am very, very excited and did a happy dance. I nearly knocked over my computer. ;)

And, AND you should all know that the uber-talented author and friend of The Imaginarium, Jessica Bell is hosting The Homeric Writers Retreat and Workshop in Greece. Man, do I ever wish I was going to be in attendance. It sounds amazing. Go here to find out more.


  1. yay! lots of good stuff going on for you lately! hooray! :)

  2. we demand a video evidence of your happy dance :P

  3. Awesome job on the guest spot Melissa!

    I just read your post about Maxie Briscoe's genesis over at Anderson's blog. It was an interesting read. I've never had a character take over my thoughts and dictate them to me as Maxie has for you. But I've had dreams of "being" certain characters in my screenplay. Of course, I would wake up and get to writing immediately.

    Cool story.

  4. Yay, for Melissa! I'll pop over and visit ya at Beth's.

    Wow, a writers retreat in Greece. That would be amazing.

  5. George, thank you sweetie! :)

  6. @Dez I'll send you the evidence via super secret email. ;)

  7. @Matt Thanks!! I'm so happy you enjoyed the post. Maxie was a rare experience for me and she's currently trying to dictate the sequel. Funny you should mention dreams. I sleep with a notebook by my bed.

    I would absolutely love to see one of your screenplays. You have such intelligence, wit and style that it is bound to be an exceptional film.

  8. @MPax Thank you!! Wouldn't you just love to be in Greece for a writers' retreat? The inspiration would be extraordinary.

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  10. So glad to hear all these happy news from you, Mel!
    I believe our Dezzy is dancing too when he's watching your video evidence :)

  11. Whoop, whoop! The review is amazing and congratulations on winning the prize. I'm so thrilled for you!

    I'm off to order a copy of your book.

    Ellie Garratt

  12. Id your happy dance like Snoopy's? Now that's a happy dance, theme music and all!

  13. @Jaccstev Thanks, my friend. Yes, I think Dezz will be dancing when he sees my happy cha-cha.

    @Ellie Thank you so much! And thank you for reading my book. I hope you enjoy it very much. :)

    @Stephen Yes, Snoopy is my dancing idol and I strive to emulate him in my choreography. And I love the music, too.


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