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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Y Is For...

Y Is For...Yvonne De Carlo

Oh My, I've made it to Y and alas, poor Yorick is about to have his head bashed. But, on with the Challenge as promised. My selection for Y is the incomparable Yvonne De Carlo, known to all as one Lily Munster. She and Carolyn Jones aka Morticia Addams, are the two TV moms that had the most influence on my childhood. My friends all wanted Carol Brady, not me. Give me the wife of Frankenstein's monster and the proud daughter of the most lovable vampire ever. Sorry Edward, Grandpa Munster's got you by the short and curlies. He's not only a vampire, but a mad scientist. Take that!

Though Yvonne is best remembered as the feisty Lily, she had an extensive film career. She appeared alongside some of Hollywood's biggest icons like Charlton Heston, Clark Gable, John Wayne, Burt Lancaster, Sidney Poitier and Alec Guinness. Her filmography includes The Ten Commandments, McLintock!, Criss Cross, The Captain's Paradise and Band of Angels.

During WWII, she worked tirelessly to boost troop morale and was a favorite among the soldiers, sailors and marines. She sang beautifully and had a powerful contralto voice. Movie composer John Williams arranged the music for her self-titled 1957 album.

Her television career was lengthy as well, having guest starred in shows like Bonanza and The Virginian. In the 90's she appeared in one of my favorites, Tales From The Crypt. She is an icon in the world of horror, too, for her work on films like The Power, Sorority House Murders and Cellar Dweller.

For all her work, Yvonne was awarded not one, but two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. One at 6124 Hollywood Blvd for her work in film and another at 6715 Hollywood Blvd. for her contribution to television.

What a woman she was.


  1. Not so familiar with these two gorgeous ladies but this is absolutely a precious information.

  2. Never heard of Yvonne before, but she looks absolutely stunning.

    In fact, she reminds me a bit of Cate Blanchett, especially on the second photo. Gorgeous!

  3. oh, Yorick, bless him, what a wonderful little name, almost better than yesterday's Xerxes :)

  4. She was on Bonanza? How did I miss her?

  5. Great pick! She was such a beautiful woman in her day. I remember her in The Ten Commandments opposite Charlton Heston.

    And two Hollywood stars. I never knew that. Nice trivia.

  6. She was always one of my favorites. She had the most awesome eyes.

  7. Was Yvonne in ISLAND OF LOST SOULS as the Panther Woman?

  8. I always thought she was so beautiful, even if she was a Munster. :)

  9. @Jaccstev Yvonne was certainly gorgeous. I'm happy you enjoyed the trivia. Not many people knew those things about her.

    @Nebular Hey hon, She certainly does look a bit like gorgeous Cate. Yvonne is one of my fave old school horror film queens and I absolutely adored her in the tv series, The Munsters.

  10. @Dez Darling, I knew you'd appreciate little Yorick, though Xerxes was pretty good, too. I almost did a post on 300's hot sexy Xerxes. ;)

    @Alex I didn't know it either until a few years ago. She did an episode called A Rose for Lotta where she played singer Lotta Crabtree. My mom pointed her out as Lily Munster without the makeup.

  11. @Matt Thanks! The two stars got me because I can't think of anyone off hand who has that honor. I know there are, but it is a rarity.

    She was great Ten Commandments. She had a lot of personality not to be overwhelmed by her giant co-stars like Heston, Wayne and Gwynne.

    @Margo I was fascinated when I started doing some more reading on Yvonne. What a colorful woman she was.

    @Giggles Mary, she sure did have the most beautiful and penetrating eyes. I just adored her growing up.

  12. @Movies I thought so too, but it was Kathleen Burke.

    @Kimberley Being a Munster was one of the most gorgeous things about her. :) I loved their skewed vision of the world.

  13. I loved the Munsters (and Addams Family)! I never knew anything more about her until your post, though. Very interesting.

    Found you through the A to Z list as I didn't visit everyone I wanted while it was on. Congrats on finishing it!

  14. @Shannon Hi! Thanks!I appreciate the comment and follow very much. It's great to meet you. :) I loved these two skewed families very much. Their attitude and outlook were so offbeat and wonderful.


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