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Friday, October 14, 2011

Pay It Forward Blog Fest...Sharing The Love

It's Pay It Forward Blog Fest Day and I am very excited to be sharing some of my favorite blogs with you all. The Linky List is below and I encourage you all to visit as many of these awesome people as you can. Thank you Alex J. Cavanaugh and Matthew MacNish for sponsoring this and being such stupendously cool pillars of the blogging community. Your efforts are most appreciated by this blogger because without you, this virtual realm would not be the same, my blog would not be the same.

Now here are three blogs that I absolutely adore.

Supernatural Sisters Oh my God, if you are a fan of the Winchester Brothers then this is the site for you. I go here for episode recaps, discussions and basically all things Supernatural. These ladies know their stuff when it comes to this show.

Alexander Hammond: The Man of Whom It's Often Been Said "Who?" This mans is a writer, an inveterate traveler and a true wit. His posts are hilarious, self depracating and marvelously written. I love the way he uses language and his descriptions are so original.

Let's Get Out Of Here Craig Edwards is a font of all things pop culture and horror. He does things like movie reviews, spotlights obscure PSA's and he has Maniacal Movie Poster Mondays that is just awesome. Check him out, you'll love him.

Now get out there and visit some cool blogs. Have fun!


  1. Hi, Melissa. I'm already following your blog, but I still want to say thanks for taking part in the blogfest!

    Looks like your featuring some great blogs here.

  2. these three are new to me, so I will have to visit them later on and check them out :)

  3. Good picks, Mel! I'll check them out and I'll try to follow as many of these blogs as I can.

  4. Three great blogs for me to check out. Thanks!

    Also, you're one of the winners of a free ecopy of Semper Audacia. Send me an email and I'll get it to you. mpaxauthor@gmail.com

  5. I like Craig's blog too! will check out the rest!

  6. Hi! Count me in as a new Pay It Forward follower! :-)

  7. Three new blogs! Too cool. Thanks for participating in the blogfest.

  8. Melissa, I'm not able to join the blog tour but I will check out the three blogs you listed. I will also list your blog on Sunday for your release of Nathan's Angel. Whoo-hoo!!!

  9. Thanks, Melissa, for your comments and compliments on Supernatural Sisters! You're one of our favorite commenters over there. :)

  10. Coming to you from the Blogfest. Excellent blog :)

  11. Thanks Melissa I will check these out! :D

  12. I don't recognize any of these blogs. I'll stop by to say hello to them. Thanks for the links!

  13. Wow! Melissa B! I am so incredibly honored! Thank you so very much! For someone as funny and talented as you to speak well of me...it's a pretty great feeling! And yes please - anyone is welcome to stop by, and comments are always appreciated! Also thanks to Jen Shirk too, for the kind words! I will Pay Back this Pay Forward very soon - it's the least I could do!

  14. Hi Melissa. I already follow your blog, but I stopped by to check out the blogs you recommend. And I just kind of like your name.

    Take care

  15. @Matthew This fest was a terrific idea. Thank you so much for being sponsor. I'm loving meeting all these new people.

    @Dez I think you're going to love them. :)

    @Nebular You're going to especially love Craig, I think. :)

    @MPax You'll love these blogs. They're fantastic.

    I won a copy of Semper Audacia. Too cool!!! Thank you. :)

    @Lydia You're welcome! I know you'll enjoy them.

  16. @Jennifer Isn't Craig awesome? I think you'll love the others too.

    @Shannon Hi! Welcome. I look forward to seeing more of you here. :)

    @Alex This was such a great fest. you and Matt did a terrific thing for the community.

    @Gail Aww.. Thanks!! You rock. I appreciate the shout out very much. I intend to leave the list up so if you ever want to check out one of these bloggers.

    @Natalie That is so sweet to say. I love my Supernatural Sisters. You allow me to talk and learn so much about my favorite show

  17. @Sue Hi and welcome! Thank you for stopping by. I hope you'll come back soon.

    @Ella You are so welcome. I think you'll get a kick out these blogs. They are awesome.

    @Stephen I think you'll enjoy these blogs. I'm on my way over to you blog as I'm getting a late start to my hopping. :)

    @Craig Aww.. shucks. You're too kind my friend. You have a seriously kick butt blog that people need to know about.

    @Melissa Our name is the awesomesauce. :) It's good to see you here and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Have a great weekend.

  18. Hi there,
    Thankyou so much for stopping by my blog. I have popped over from alex's blogfest. Lovely to meet you and you have a new follower. xoxo
    Eve. :)

  19. @Eve Hi and welcome!!! It's great to have you here. Thank you so much for following. It is very much appreciated. ;)

  20. Curiously, I take a peek and find some great new blogs!

  21. Hi! Count me in as a new "Pay it Forward" follower! Thanks for the links.

  22. Hey Milissa

    Thanks a million. How much do I make the check out for again?


  23. @Siv Hi! I hope your curiosity was satisfied with these terrific blogs. :)

    @Nicole Hi and Welcome! I'm happy you joined The Imaginarium and look forward to your visits. Hope you get to enjoy these great blogs, too. :)

    @Alex You are most welcome and the check should be in my name with at least five zeros. ;)

  24. i missed the pay it forward hop, so stopping by fashionably late! nice to meet u :)

  25. @Jeremy Hi there, so happy you could make it. It's great to meet you as well. I'm still working my way around the fest, too. :)


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