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Monday, October 17, 2011

New Release Party And Story Time

Well Imaginarians I am just in a celebratin' mood and a hoppin' with the promo. Today I am having a party here and I'm also putting in an appearance over at my publisher, Amber Quill Press' blog today. There's an excerpt and a bit about how Nathan's Angel came to be. If you get a chance stop in and say hi.

At my party here, we're talking angels and werewolves, two of my favorite supernatural creatures. My love of werewolves comes from my Grandpa Bradley and my Dad. I was six when they allowed me to stay up late on a Friday Night and watch an old episode of Creature Feature on the local station. The movie? Why The Wolfman, of course, that old 1944 Lon Chaney Jr. classic. I was hooked and have loved no other beast since. My love of angels came from Uncle Moose. I used to be terrified of thunder. When he asked why I was so "derned scart" because "it's just them angels up there bowling like your mom does on Friday nights." I remember asking if he fibbing me. And he loomed over me with those steely eyes and said "Missy Mae, would I ever fib you?" I, of course said "But, Uncle Moose, angels can't bowl they have to do guard stuff. They don't have time for fun, do they?" He sighed and shook his head. "You see that rain?" I nodded. "That's them a cryin because kids like you don't believe they should be having fun." I have believed thunderstorms are angelic bowling tournaments ever since. ;)

In honor of my new release, I want to hear what your favorite supernatural creatures are and why. You'll be entered in a contest to win a copy of Nathan's Angel.

I also want to steer you to Craig Edwards of Let's Get Out Of Here. He put together a really cool Maniacal Movie Poster Monday and gave a shout out to me. I have never been so uniquely honored before. He rocks!


  1. Been over to Amber Heat :) They are soo lucky to have as their author :)

    As you know my favourite supernatural creatures are elves (since I'm one of them) and angels (striving to be one unsuccessfully :)))

    So, have we sold 100,000 copies yesterday? :P

  2. i have a soft spot for werewolves as well.
    my kids half-believe we're all part werewolf... because grandpa is just so stinkin' hairy!

  3. I loved all those old black and white horror movies.

    I guess my favorite supernatural creatures are faeries and elves. I've written about them before, and liked living in their world while I did.

  4. It sounds as if you have a great day planned! I loved the story about you and your uncle.

    I like angels just fine, one saved my life once. Right now I am kind of fascinated with Bigfoot. I have never had a problem with them and I do believe in them. But there is an idea out there that they are shapeshifters (which would explain why they are hard to catch or find evidence of) and that if you are bitten by one that you can become one too. That second part is what freaks me out! I only heard that last year. I DO NOT want to become a Bigfoot, thank you very much.

    Happy Monday, Melissa ... have fun at your party!

    Kathy M.

  5. I'm not into supernatural, but I am into Melissa Bradley books. Congrats on the new release!!!

  6. Favorite horror creatures? Well, definitely monsters! But the cool looking ones. :) By saying cool, I mean Alien, The Host, Cloverfield, Mimic, and a few of the under water ones.

    I like werewolves as well, but not as crazy about them as you are. My absolute fave werewolf movie is Ginger Snaps!

  7. I like vampires, zombies, and werewolves, the standard fare. But there's something about brain-sucking aliens that puts them just above the rest as to my favorite creatures of all time. Monsters can be fun!

  8. Several people were drooling over your cover on my site today!
    Vampires are still effective (not the sparkly ones) especially in movies. And I still say the best supernatural creature ever was Darkness in Legend.

  9. Even a man who is pure in heart
    and says his prayers by night
    may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms
    and the autumn moon is bright.

    Or you can make that last line:

    and the moon is full and bright.


  10. OMG, Melissa, how are you able to keep up with writing so many blogs? You must be SuperWriter, part angel and part werewolf! LOL! I love that childhood memory you shared with us.

    Let's see, I think my favorite supernatural creatures would have to be those freaky flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz! I always wanted a pet monkey when I was a kid, and a flying monkey would be even cooler! LOL!

  11. @Dez Thank you so much, sweetie! I'll have to check the sales totals when I get my statement next quarter, but with you driving my publicity machine, how could we not sell 100,000? ;)

    So you're an elf, eh? I like it. I'm an Amazonian goddess werewolf you know. Like my sweetly plump disguise? I'm really a six foot lean mean fighting machine. ;)

    @vics LOL I love werewolf grandpa. Hey, that could be a story. :)

  12. @L.G. Aren't those old monster movies awesome? Spending time in the realm of fairies and elves sound like a lot of fun. I'll have to be sure and check out some of your work.

    @Oregon Thank you very much! I never heard that about Bigfoot, but that would make sense. Yeah, I wouldn't want to be one either.

  13. @Sloane Thank you!! You are such an awesome supporter. :)

    @Nebular Hi hon!! I love me the monsters, too. Alien and Mimic were wicked as was The Host.

    Ginger is definitely the coolest werewolf. A trailblazing canine chick with bite. ;)

  14. @Jeffrey Ah brain-sucking aliens rule. I mean think of the intelligence gathering there. ;) I'm a huge fan of all things werewolf, vampire and zombie, too. They are my fave monsters.

    @Alex So I made the Ninja Army drool, did I? heh,heh,heh...

    Darkness was absolutely wicked cool. What a kick ass character.

  15. @Craig Be still my heart...I love that rhyme and I knew it by heart by the time I was seven. Curt Siodmak created a legend.

    @LynNerd You know, I've been trying to tell everyone that this little round body is just a disguise. That I'm really a goddess with legs that go one for miles and can change into a werewolf. Nobody believes me , though. ;)

    Flying monkeys rock! I wanted one too.

  16. a big congrats Mel, I look forward to reading Nathans Angel, and do hope your party was amazing x

  17. Lon Chaney's Phantom of the Opera haunted me for years! I love vampires. It is fun to see their appeal. We should be repulsed, but no they are usually quite sexy, lol. Congrats Melissa!

  18. @Dempsey Hey there!! It's so great to see you back The Imaginarium, my friend! Thank you so much and yes, this party has been a rockin'

    @Ella Thank you! I love Lon Chaney as the Phantom. What a great classic monster.

    Vampires can definitely be sexy. And you're right, we should be repulsed, but we're not. ;)

  19. It goes to show how these early influences steer us towards our career paths for the future. Congrats on your latest release!

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