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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Seriously Twisted Television

I am absolutely in love with the new show American Horror Story. It has to be the most twisted, creepy, squirmy thing I have ever seen on television. Check it. The show centers on the Harmon family, Ben, Vivien and daughter Violet. They move from Boston to Los Angeles after Vivien gives birth to a still born babe because she discovered Ben having an affair with a patient. Cool drama so far, no? Anyway, they move into this restored mansion that has a hugely tragic and evil past. As Ben and Viv struggle to repair their broken marriage and poor Violet suffers from depression, they must confront the horrors in their new home.

The always excellent Dylan McDermott stars as Ben, a psychiatrist on the ragged edge. He's sunk all of his money into this second chance, very aware that he has Mt. Everest to climb and Death Valley to cross in order to have even a chance at winning Viv back. Viv, played by the super-talented Connie Britton, is broken woman, who's seeking some kind of way out of the black hole her life has become. She hates her husband, but yet, he's also offered her a kind of life line and the glimmer of a way out the dark forest s she's willing to latch and at least try. Violet is played by newcomer Taissa Farmiga. She's depressed, resentful and been forced to leave everything familiar behind. Added to this insanity are Jessica Lange as Constance, the whacked-out neighbor whose mentally handicapped daughter is obsessed with the house. Evan Peters is Tate Langdon a new patient of Ben's who is obsessed with Violet and has his own connections to the house. Some recurring guest stars include Kate Mara as Ben's student lover, Zachary Quinto as a former owner whose obsession with the house has clearly not been cured by leaving and Frances Conroy as Moira, the housekeeper who definitely has her crazy connections to the place.

Now we come to the house. And man, this house makes Amityville look like an over-stimulated kindergartener. Built by an insane surgeon, there has been murder, mayhem, sick experiments and other evil happenings in this house since the very beginning. Every week we are treated to yet another glimpse from the house's evil past. It drives its residents insane when it's not killing them off.

Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, the creators of the brilliant Nip/Tuck and Glee are the fiendish minds behind this series. I watch every single week and I am never disappointed. I can't believe I'm seeing this on television. It's just mind-blowing, psychotic and outrageously creepy. I can't wait for more.


  1. Not really crazy about any of the characters, but it's intriguing. At least there wasn't that long, drawn out "Is the house haunted?" Oh yeah, the house is messed up!

  2. I saw a commercial but haven't actually watched the show yet. Just might have to check it out. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. It seems everybody loves this TV show. Ricky @ Ric's Reviews post a positive review of it yesterday, and now you give me this amazing post praising it as well. I'll check it out for sure, it sounds like my cup of tea. :)

  4. I watched the first episode here in Europe this Monday (it is aired exactly after THE WALKING DEAD :) but I personally found it too weird, as if the essence of the show is to make it as psycho as possible :) And are they planning to make 50% of each episode with bum naked Dylan? Because you know that would be a big plus :) I loved him and Jessica Lange (whom I generally don't like), but I thought that the red head actress, the lead one, isn't really talented, I had noticed that even back in the days when she starred in SPIN CITY.

  5. My husband downloaded this show on iTunes for us, since we are overseas. Haven't watched it yet, but ready to give it a try.

  6. so what you are saying you like the show, i am interested. my goal for 2012 is no more tv shows... nbc's chuck ends... then i am free... free i tell you... except for dexter, walking dead, mike & molly, the whole food network, history channel, a&e and the simpsons... then i am done.

    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    Visit The Madness:

  7. Oh my gosh, Melissa, I've never even heard of this before. I'll see if I can find it, and if it isn't too scary I'll give it a try.

    I have been fascinated with Sister Wives lately. I cannot figure out how/why/who would want to live that lifestyle and then go on t.v. They are all so real and forthright, the kids too. I just wander around shaking my head after watching an episode or two. Apparently I have missed the first couple of years of the show.

    The other thing that I have been watching are reruns of Law and Order Special Victims Unit. I somehow missed out on that all of these years too. You must just be shaking your head at me right now!

    Have a great day,

    Kathy M.

  8. You and I have very similar television tastes. I love the whole vibe of AHS, can't wait to see where it goes.

  9. You're a brave woman. I am far too wimpy to watch this stuff, but I enjoyed reading about it here. Your writing's always fun, however creepy.

    Be well, Melissa. I hope you're still flying high with the release of your book.

  10. A haunted house with a psycho ghost surgeon ... now that's fear!

  11. Whoah, really dark and demented!
    FX has been know to push the boundary lines. I will have to check this out~ Creepy good!

    Congrats on the Nod! Off to check it out... and vote for you ;D

  12. I'll have to check this one out. Thanks.

    Also thanks for commenting at Under the Tiki Hut.

  13. @Alex I don't much like characters, either, but I love their awareness that something is wrong with the house. This is definitely one of the best haunted houses to come along. It looks so normal and yet, there is always a ghost or something lurking.

    @Jules Do watch if you get the chance. It is very well-written and I love that they know there's something wrong with the house and that they interact with the ghosts like trying to create a new normal for themselves.

    @Nebular Hon you're gonna love it. It's so wild and psychotic and creepy. I can't really say that I like the characters, but they're intriguing. I'm addicted to seeing what happens next.

  14. @Dezz I think that Dylan should be naked every ep, but sadly, it's not like that. I normally don't like Jessica,either, but she is the perfect kooky, whacky for this. And her young, young lover just kills me. I'm torn between ewww and rock on grandma. LOL Connie Britton isn't the best, but she does have a certain talent and it shines here for me. I look forward to the madness every week. ;) What does that say about me? LOL

    @Isis I think you'll love it. It is very well-written and completely different from anything I have ever seen on television.

    @iZombie LOL I hear you. It seems like I will never be able to kick my television addiction because just when I think I'm done (after Buffy, I was through)there's always a new drug. ;)

  15. @Oregon Kathy, I love SVU and am playing catch up on the USA network :) I have heard of Sister Wives, but have never watched it.

    American Horror Story is pretty scary and if you're not into horror, I'd probably caution against it. That being said, it is a truly well-written show and just unlike anything on television ever.

    You have a great day as well. :)

    @Julie SOA, AHS... you and are like television twins LOL. I am loving this show and just like SOA, I can't wait to see where this all leads.

    @Robyn Thank you! Your words mean a lot to me.:) I am still flying over Nathan's release. I'm happy so many people seem to like it.

  16. @Stephen LOL I know, right? A ghostly psychotic surgeon just takes this to whole 'nother level.

    @Ella I think F/X has smashed the boundary with a tank on this one. It is creepy, bizarre and truly demented.

    Aww, thank you for the vote, I appreciate the support very much. :)

    @Carol Hi! Thank you so much for dropping by. If you get a chance, do check out AHS, the dialogue and the situations fascinate me as a writer.

  17. Okay so how have I not heard of this?! This sounds and looks amazing! I just checked and Hulu has it so I will definitely check it out. : )

  18. @Nicole I'm so glad you can check it out on Hulu. I think you're going to seriously enjoy this. I can't not watch. I even watch the rebroadcasts so that I can pick up anything I missed or just need to see again. :)


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