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Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Blues And Some Damn Good Television

Ugh! It's Monday and I'm already having a bad week just thinking about the shit I have to do this week. I want to turn the clock back to Friday. I hate when the week just starts and already my blood pressure is hopping. Stop the ride, I want to get off...NOW!!

Okay, bitch session is over. It's not all bad, honestly, I'm just whining because that's the way I roll sometimes. And what better day to bitch, than Monday?

Anyway, I watched Walking Dead last night and saw the coolest zombie kill ever. It was gross and hilarious all at once. My favorite kind, really. Picture water-logged zombie and immense dead organ spillage. I have got find the clip and post it. I nearly peed myself laughing. Yep, I'm just that twisted.

I also watched Hell on Wheels. Great is an underwhelming adjective to even begin describing this show. It is savage, visceral television. The production is just mind-blowing. I could almost smell the filth, the animals and the people. Whoever it was that said the Old West was romantic obviously had no clue what they were talking about. Uh can we say "Ewwwww..." That being said, this show absolutely captures that brutal period known as Reconstruction. Carpetbaggers, corrupt politicians, Native Americans, freed slaves, greedy tycoons, gunslingers, families wanting to start fresh, ex-soldiers, prostitutes and preachers all in a roiling, seething mass of expansion and rebuilding. What a savage period to have lived through. The U.S. had blown itself apart in civil war, the social order was in complete upheaval, the president had been murdered and we were building one of the country's greatest infrastructure projects. Not a period for family values that's for sure.

The characters are incredible, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, each with their own agenda. Colm Meaney is wickedly brilliant as Thomas "Doc" Durant, a greedy railroad man who is hellbent on building the transcontinental railroad, but also just as relentless in wringing as much money from the process as possible. Anyone who stands in his way is brutally run down. Anson Mount is intense as Cullen Bohannen, an ex-Confederate bent on revenging his wife's murder. A far, far superior cry from Brit Brit's love interest in that godawful Crossroads. Chitown's own Common is incredibly brilliant as Elam, a former slave working the line and determined that no man will ever own him again. Check the trailer and tune in for sure.


  1. I'm watching that episode of THE WALING DEAD tonight :) we get it one day later in Europe :)But I hate the philosophical and religious crap which infested the show lately. I prefer suspense and drama to zombies, but this drama is badly written and often implausible, like with the sheriff and his horrid wife, and killing the kid.... Hope they will change that.

    I must watch HELL ON WHEELS, but it's not aired anywhere here :(

    And Melsy, you really must make the colour of your posts lighter or make the letter lighter, because it's hard reading black on dark dark gray :(

  2. ooh! hell on wheels sounds better than i thought it would be. i've kind of given up on watching tv shows when they air anymore. i just wait for them to come to netflix. still need to see the last few eps of walking dead season one. the wife annoys the heck outta me, so i'm not sure i'll ever make it back to that one though.
    right now, i'm catching up on supernatural. that's one show i LURVE to death! :)

  3. oh! and i second dezz on the dark dark gray background. i get terrible headaches and don't read blogs with colors like that as a general rule, but i make an exception for you of course dolly. i really think if you just match the gray to the same as the frame on your header instead of the pic on your header, you'll still keep the solidarity of the look, even more so, it'll make it more airy, like the background along the sides, like the word part is the bit of a spring storm part of the sky, and then the eye strain for the readers will be less. just a thought. i really do think you have one of the prettiest blogs around though! your header is what made me first start following your blog. :)

  4. Love The Walking Dead, and saw the premier of Hell on Wheels too. I've become an instant fan of it as well.

  5. I don't really get all the hype for The Walking Dead. Watched the first season and though it was decent, well-made and thoroughly entertaining, though nothing special or very original. I'll watch the new season as well, and I'm looking forward to see this creative zombie kill.

    Mel, have you seem "Surface" series? OMG, this show blew me away! I loved everything about it, and I'm still pissed off they didn't make a second season of it.

  6. Might have to check out Hell On Wheels, although one can only watch so many new shows. And I didn't have any problems reading this.

  7. Sounds like you had an interesting movie weekend.

  8. I have a thing for westerns since a wrote an historical YA in that period. Looks good!

  9. I've heard some people liking the Walking Dead, and some of them hating it. I'll probably wind up forgetting all about their reviews if and when I ever get around to watching the show. (I don't have cable TV, after all.)

    Hope the rest of your week goes better than it looks!

  10. Oooo, might have to check out Hell on Wheels, especially knowing you are a fellow SOA lover.

  11. Hope the week picks up - Hell on Wheels sounds interesting - put it in the watch stack for me under Sons of Anarchy...sigh...

  12. @Dezz Well last night couldn't be construed as religious. I loved it. It was so much better than the previous couple of weeks. I changed the background of the post so I hope that helps.

    @Vics Supernatural rocks!! Have you checked out the Supernatural Sisters blog? It's awesome. Sorry about the color and your headaches. I hope this new change helps.

    @Faith Hell on Wheels was just incredible. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. @Nebular. Glad you're going to tune for Season 2. The zombies are terrific and though the storyline has gotten a bit meh, I think they're going back to more of the comic themes. So it should get better.

    Surface was a great show. I was sad they didn't give enough of a chance.

    @Alex Yes, all these new shows can really play havoc with one's viewing schedule. If I get addicted to anymore I'll be writing in the very wee hours. LOL I'm glad you didn't have problems viewing. :)

  14. @J.L. And I didn't have to spend a dime. Which I love! Hope you had a great weekend.

    @Lydia There is something about the American west that just resonates and gives rise to some great stories. A YA in the Old West sounds very intriguing.

    @Jeffrey Thanks! I spend far too much time at the mercy of my cable box. :) I think I need to unplug a few nights.

  15. @Julie SOA rules!! I cannot wait to see how this season is going to wind up. Yes, I think you'll get into Hell on Wheels. It's got that same visceral edge to it that I love about SOA.

    @Craig Thanks you! I really hope you get to check these shows out. They are awesome. But, I also know hard it can be just to find some time. :)

  16. yes, this latest episode was the best one so far, because it wasn't religious :) I even loved the part when that hillbilly brought a rose to the mother of the lost girl.. it was touching without being pathetic. But the end with the horrid wife being pregnant ... oh, my...

    Love the new colour, Melsy, and you've chosen a lovely combination of turquoise and yellow :)

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