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Saturday, April 9, 2011

H Is For...

First, the most amazing, joyous news. Ever. The wonderful and brilliant Deirdra Eden Coppel at A Storybook World has chosen yours truly as a Powerful Woman Writer. This honor simply stuns me and the happiness is so enormous I feel like I'm in orbit. To be recognized by a fellow woman writer is so inspiring. Thank you very much Deirdra, I appreciate this from the bottom of my heart.

And today's post is just a tad late, but I've never been one to be absolutely on time. I work from my own timezone sometimes Bradley Central Time. ;)

H is for Hellagood Heroines

These are some of my favorite women in all of cinema. They go in with guns blazing, kicking ass and going toe to toe with the guys as well aliens, zombies, secret agents and anything else that gets in their way. To borrow an expression from my awesome sister in ass-kicking 'tude, M from The Smoking Pen, these chicks are BAMF's (Bad Ass Mother Fuckers). I keep them in mind as I create my own heroines. Here's to all my badass, rockin' chicks out there, we rule!

Charly Baltimore The Long Kiss Goodnight

Charly is one hellagood BAMF. Played by Geena Davis, Charly defines badass. She jumps out of a building, blows shit up, shoots bad guys, gets down and dirty in hand to hand, rescues her kid and, AND she gets tortured. But does she break, hell to the no. I quote "I let you touch me, cowboy. I think I need a bath." Not to mention, The Long Kiss Goodnight co-stars BAMF Sam L. Jackson, who is hilariously quotable as always. The Man has a gift.

Zoe Washburne Serenity/Firefly

The right hand of the galaxy's most awesome captain, Mal Reynolds, Zoe takes no prisoners or attitude from anyone. She is the tactical badass, sizing up a situation with stunning accuracy and she's a crack shot. She goes through that door with her crew, picking off enemies one-by-one. And never hesitates to ride to the rescue. She won't leave a fellow soldier behind. A Brown Coat forever, she will never accept the Alliance, not even with her dying breath.

Ripley Aliens

Ever since that first chest-bursting encounter, Ellen Ripley has been keeping Earth safe from some truly terrifying aliens. This was the first woman I'd seen handle the big guns. She's a take charge badass who never backed down. She plunged into a nest of monsters tricked out with an arsenal and did not,DID NOT rely on some big bad alpha man. Plus, the Alien films are one of the most successful thriller/horror franchises starring a woman. Can I get a hell yeah? I think H-Wood needs to roll out more chicks like Ripley.

Alice Resident Evil

Zombies to left, zombies to the right and Alice in the freakin' middle shooting, chopping, hacking, burning. Have you seen these wicked blades? As someone who loves the horror genre and was fed a steady diet of girly girls in high heels and bikini tops, running away from the monsters, it's cool to have a killing machine badass out there running at them. The Umbrella Corporation is going down.

Who are some of your favorite BAMF women in the movies?


  1. I love your posts and the photo's. Congratulations on the beautiful award that is awesome!!


  2. Congrats, Mel! This is a great award and very much deserved ;)

    Loved your picks for BAMF chicks, but hey, where's Uma as Black Mamba (Kill Bill)? :) She's the baddest bad-ass chick of them all :)

  3. Now those babes kick ass! Congratulations on the award. Deirdre makes some nice ones, doesn't she?

  4. Congrats on the award, Melsy! You truly are an action heroine :) I'm actually surprised you don't have a cape in which you patrol the city searching for villains when the night falls :)

  5. Great job, Mel! You deserved the award! I think you can be our Wonder Woman of the blogosphere :)

  6. The long kiss goodnight is one of my favorites. Congrats on your award.

  7. I don't know if I have favorites. Loved Uma Thurman in the Kill Bill series. I dig a butt kicking girl. Looking forward to seeing Hannah this week.

  8. Poor Hector! I don't know any of these pics or stories. Never saw kill bill. Great pics though.

    Gregg Metcalf
    Colossians 1:28-29

    Gospel-driven Disciples

  9. Great post Mel, and congratulations on the honor! You always had my vote.

    In terms of feminine badasses, all your choices are worthy of the Rushmore of female ass-kicking. Riply and Charly would definitely be picks of mine.

    I would include The Bride in my list and Yu Shu Lien from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. And because I love Beckinsale, Selene from Underworld!

  10. Right on, Melissa. Those are some BAMFs! I've always been a Lara Croft fan too.

    Congrats on your powerful woman writer award! Cheers to that! :)

  11. I liked Jane Smith (Jolie) in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
    "Who's your daddy now?"
    Great, great post!

  12. What a great posts for heroines. I love the ones you mentioned. We're not all screaming women when faced with danger.

  13. Epic post! Congratulations with the award--and thanks for the shout out! Always glad to lend a word. This is your second recommendation for The Long Kiss Goodnight, and now I seriously have to see that one.

    Yes to Zoe! If I had to pick a BAMF from Firefly, Zoe and River would probably tie. But when it comes to NON-crazy women going in to the field, Zoe definitely kicks some serious ass. Browncoats forever!

    Resident Evil is one of those movies I've actually had on my list to see for a while (so is Alien, but that is so embarrassing I'm putting it in parenthesis in hope no one notices), but after that picture...I kinda feel like I have to see it. Plus, you know. Zombies. I'm there. In short, awesome list!

  14. Congrats on the Powerful Woman Writer Award! You certainly deserve it. :)

    Great selection of kick-butt women, too. I'm so sad we barely got to know Zoe.

  15. Seriously Hellagood Heroines. Congratulations on the award - well deserved!

    Ellie Garratt

  16. I love a good ass-kicking heroine. The Underworld chic is bad ass. Sarah Connor in Terminator did a pretty good job. River Tam in Firefly with Zoe was great.

    I'm more drawn to female characters who can hold their own.

  17. @Doreen Aww.. thank you so very much. Welcome to the Imaginarium and thanks for the follow.

    @Nebular George, you are too sweet, my friend. You're right, Black Mamba is one helluva of BAMF. How could I forget her? Hangs head in shame. :(

    @Alex Yes they do. :) Thank you! Deirdra really did a beautiful job and I am so honored.

    @Dez Aww, thank you, my friend. You know I can just picture me patrolling the streets like Wonder Woman. Look out bad guys!

  18. @Jaccstev Thank you, my friend. Wonder Woman of the blogosphere, I like it. :)

    @Siv Thanks. TLKG is one of my fave action films ever.

    @Stephen Uma was awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing Hanna myself.

    @Gregg Hi and thank you so much for visiting. Hector's pic is from Edward Gorey's The Gashlycrumb Tinies.

  19. @Matt Thank you so much. Selene and Yu Shu Lien totally kicked ass. I loved them and I am remiss in leaving them out along with the Bride. Next time for sure, because you know this won't be the only time I run a post like this.

    @Pk Lara Croft is hellagood. I loved those flicks.

    Thank you!

    @Lydia Glad you loved this. Jane Smith totally rocked the badass 'tude. That was a great film. :)

    @Clarissa My sentiment exactly. Glad you liked my choices here.

  20. @M You rock! It does my heart good that you love my list. Oh man, I loved River, too. The way she would go all crazy BAMF killing machine.

    Yes, see The Long Kiss Goodnight ASAP. Charly is ninja tough to the tenth power. And there's Sam L. The pic of Alice is from the 3rd film Extinction, but the whole series blows me away.

    @KC Thank you so very much my friend. And yes, Zoe's television adventures were sadly limited.

    @Ellie Thanks! And I'm happy you loved my girl power tribute here.

    @MPax Love your badass choices. Sarah Conner rocked those machines. I love, love reading strong women who go toe-to-toe with the men.


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