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Sunday, April 3, 2011

C Is For

C is for Car-gasms!!

I have a thing for muscle cars and the following sexy machine induce what I and my friends hilariously refer to as car-gasms. You know, the excited gasps coming faster and faster, then the blissed-out, I-need-a-cigarette-now-look. These dream machines get me thinking about my need for speed along with wicked, down and dirty thoughts. Far from wasting away like poor Clara.

1967 Chevy Impala aka The Supernatural car

1969 Dodge Charger RT

1970 Dodge Challenger aka The Vanishing Point Car

1960 Pontiac GTO

1965 Ford Mustang

1969 Chevy Yenko Camaro

Here's my personal dream machine a 2011 Dodge Challenger


  1. Love those fancy retro cars...
    Dirty thoughts, huh? :) Ah, you naughty girl :)

  2. Anything purple looks divine. Love the Pontiac GTO!

  3. cool cars, can't even afford the fuel at the moment, sigh...

  4. Pontiac GTO and Ford Mustang looks really hot :)

  5. I hear you! Previous owner of Mustang and, Pontiac Transam ( Smokey and the bandit style) Always loved a good ride!

  6. LOL, "Car-gasms," did not know it had a name :) And I owned won of those Chevys at one time, sure miss that car :)

    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  7. oooh '65 ford mustang is my fav!!!!
    but the impala has sam winchester in it.. so... i mean that's gotta win hands down, amiright?

  8. I'm quite the opposite, big cars scare me :) Even my little Ford Ka sometimes seems too big for me :) especially when I need to park or when I'm surrounded by maniacal drivers :)

  9. You sound like a genuine car connoisseur.

  10. Cars are sexy! I love some muscle cars.

  11. Oh man .. the Charger is my FAVORITE car!!!!

  12. You had me at the Supernatural car...
    Plus, I've always had a thing for vintage mustangs.

    A really fun post!

    M.J. Fifield
    My Pet Blog

  13. Bahahaha I loved this!! This was the best C ever... who would have known to do this!! Great addition to the challenge!!

    Great blog! I stopped in to welcome you to the A to Z challenge! I'm a co-host should have any questions just ask away! I do hope you'll stop by for a visit! We're also having fun on twitter (I'm @jenunedited and we're at #atozchallenge)!

  14. Although I have grown heartachingly fond of Dean's Baby, I'm more of a Jaguar XJ6 kind of chick.

    Yes, yes, I know, I'm a snob.

  15. Great post. I too love Muscle Cars! You got some great pictures up there! '65 Ford Mustang, what a brawny beauty!

  16. I love, love, love American Muscle! My first car was a 1969 Camaro (thanks for showing one). My car post comes at a the letter Y - Yellow Cars. It's a Gibbs and Bridges thing.

    And poor Clara, Basil and Amy! I can't wait to see what befalls their friends.

  17. I love, love, love American Muscle! My first car was a 1969 Camaro (thanks for showing one). My car post comes at a the letter Y - Yellow Cars. It's a Gibbs and Bridges thing.

    And poor Clara, Basil and Amy! I can't wait to see what befalls their friends.

  18. lol I learned to drive on a 1970 Impalla. It was gold with a white roof.

  19. *Drools over the 1970 Dodge Challenger*

    That is all. Those your baby is definitely a beautiful one.

  20. Ooh! Pretty cars!

    These are my dream cars:



    So perty... *drool*

  21. OMGosh, I love the pontiac too, it's so freaking gorgeous.

  22. @Nebular George I am absolutely a naughty girl especially when it comes to these babies. ;)

    @AshR I know that purple GTO is hot!

    @Mood, I hear you on those gas prices, which is why these cars are dreams only. :)

    @Jaccstev I know, that Mustang and GTO, man I could see me in them right now.

    @Siv Lucky you to have owned a Pony car. I'm jealous! :)

    @Jules Isn't that term great? You owned one of these mag Chevies? Too cool. I'm jealous of you, too. :)

    @aspiring X Vic, the Winchesters certainly mean that the Impala wins hands down. ;)

  23. @Dez I know what you mean about maniacal drivers. But, I sure can be one of them. ;) It's my naughty streak.

    @Angela Thank you for the huge compliment. I wish it were true, but I only know what I lust after. :)

    @Clarissa Cars are sexy as hell, aren't they?

    @Jessica That Charger certainly is one sweet cherry ride.

    @M.J. Yep the Impala is a beauty and vintage Mustangs totally rock.

    @Jen Daiker Best C ever! Too cool!! Thanks for the welcome, I can't wait for the rest of the challenge.

    @Julia Love that Jag XJ6. It is a hot car. ;)

  24. @Matt Yeah that 65 Pony rocks it. I'm glad you love the pics. These are my fave cars ever.

    @KC A Gibbs and Bridges, are you serious? That is so freakin' awesome. I cannot wait to see pics of that ride.

    @MPax What a great ride to learn on! Mine learning vehicle was a beat-up Dotson, a brand that does not even exist.

    @M Hufstader Drooling...I hear ya. I drool like Homer Simpson over donuts every time I see one of these babies in person.

    @Emily Those cars are sweet! I got something new to drool over. ;)

    @Kimberly I'm in love with that Pontiac. too. There's something about that purple that just adds a little something extra.

  25. The only two cars I ever had that were all my own were a blue Dodge Lancer with peeling paint back in the early 60s, and a super sexy metallic blue Firebird with T-tops in the early 80s. Loved that Firebird. The Lancer? Not so much.

  26. Oh, my husband would love this post! I'll have to show it to him. Muscle cars have style and personality. Love the pictures.

  27. I learned to drive in a 69 Dodge Charger. Now I've made it my character Selena's car - a 69, chili-pepper red like the photo here (the car, named "The Beast," is a character of sorts in my mystery VIPER).
    John Desjarlais

  28. @Patricia That Firebird sounds like a sweet little ride. They were cool cars for sure.

    @Kelly My dad got me hooked on muscle cars. I'm not an expert, but I do know what I love. Hope your husband enjoys. :)

    @John Selena sure has one hot car. I learned to drive in a Dotson. So not the in the same class. LOL

  29. love the Dodger, though have to say my favourite here is the Mustang, would love to own one someday


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