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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time Out For A Kick Ass Parody

I'm taking a time out of the big A to Z because I have laughed and laughed and now must share. I swear I spit my Diet Pepsi all over my monitor.

There is a knock your socks to the flipside site called The Mary Sue: A Guide to Girl Geek Culture. I found it through another equally awesome site Smart Bitches, Trashy Books. Anyway, while at Mary Sue, I found this absolutely hysterical parody of The Jersey Shore done Oscar Wilde style. It is performed by Santino Fontana and David Furr who are currently starring in the Broadway production of The Importance of Being Earnest.It is also done in conjunction with Playbill. The transcripts are the actuals from Jersey Shore and are being read in the style of their respective characters Algernon Moncrieff and John Worthing. This is but a taste, all the clips are available here .


  1. lmao!! I love it! The best was when he compared Sammy to furniture. I don't remember that line from Jersey Shore but it is hilarious. Thanks for posting these very funny videos. :)

  2. Haha, that was great Mel! Excellent find..."I'm gonna stuff your nose with tampons." WTF, hilarious!

  3. lol Too funny. Thanks for the great entertainment, Melissa. :)

  4. Oh very funny. I do love a good parody! Thanks for sharing these. ;-)

  5. Look what we're missing out while we're doing the A - Z. So funny.


  6. I've never seen Jersey Shore, but that last stuffing nose line cracked me up in a good way. LOL
    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

  7. haha that is hilarious!! Great find! One of the hyenas hypnotized him... love it.

    Bruce Campbell is pretty awesome, great choice! I loved him in Evil Dead. I recently watched this movie called My Name is Bruce, which isn't that great but interesting enough to watch since he's in it. I think he also directed it. I'm glad you took a positive interest in Manson. : )

  8. Paradies are fun to watch. I found on YouTube paradies of the I'm a Mac/I'm a PC commercials. Very funny.

  9. Ha Ha. This is an excellent diversion from A to Z.

  10. I'll have to come back to watch this--I'm unfamiliar with Jersey Shore, but hey, a good parody gets across the humor either way. :D

  11. lol I love their voices.

  12. @snakesmom Hi! Yes, I loved that line about Sammy. I laughed so hard through all of these. I'm happy you enjoyed these.

    @Matt Thanks! The tampon line... man I lost it. I love finding fiendishly clever parody like this.

    @MPax So glad you enjoyed these. I needed the laugh and sure got a good one.

    @Dez Hey there! Did you get to see all them? I had to re-watch some because I was crying laughing.

    @Talei You're welcome! These were definitely done in the spirit of parody.

    @L'Aussie Denise, I figured I'm not finishing the Challenge until next week because I fell behind, so why not take a break for some great laughs.

  13. @Nancy That tampon line had me howling. ;) I'm so glad you had a good laugh.

    @baygirl32 These were just what I needed too after a stressful week. Glad you enjoyed them.

    @Nicole OMG that hyena line was priceless. Bruce rocks it and I'm finding out more interesting things about Marilyn. Glad you posted about him.

    @Nebular Hey Sweetheart! These just cracked me up. I am so happy you got a good laugh, too.

    @Stephen Those Mac/PC parodies are great. There are certainly some brilliantly funny people out there.

  14. @Talli So glad you enjoyed this. I love me some great parodies. There's just something about the wit and creativity. Sorry your blog is down. hope it will work out soon.

    @Kimberly I'm so happy you liked my little diversionary tactic. I'm behind on the Challenge, but I needed to share the laughs.

    @Golden Eagle Do come back and watch. They are absolutely hilarious. The delivery of these two guys is brilliant.

    @Nikki Wasn't their delivery awesome? At some points I was just losing it. :)

  15. That was incredibly funny--thank you for sharing this--you gave us both quite a laugh!

  16. @NetherWerks Hi! I'm so happy you both got a laugh out of this. These two killed me with their delivery. I just had to share. Thank you so much for the follow and the wonderful comment.


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