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Sunday, September 11, 2011

My New Story And Other Awesome News

Here is the cover of my newest tale, Nathan's Angel. Isn't that heavenly seraph one sexy beast? Rrrowr! Anyway, Nathan will be released on October 16 from Amber Allure. This was a very difficult story for me to write as it is my first foray into writing gay characters. I wanted to write something for some of my dearest friends who have supported me over the years.

September is going to be a hot month around here because I am also having two very cool authors visit. Kelley Smith will be here on the 22nd to tell us about herself and share her new novel, Glittering Ashes. Stephen Brayton, a previous guest author, will be here on the 28th to promote his exciting new thriller, Beta. I can't wait for their visits and I hope you'll stop by.

I also have a brand new puppy. A little shih tzu female whom my nephew named Vegas, joined our household on Friday. She is the cutest little thing. I hope to have some pics posted here soon. She is beige and white with one blue eye and one brown. She is such an adorable little fluff ball. We got her from someone who had taken her because her owner, a show breeder, could not sell her. Her eye color is considered undesirable. Poor thing! It was love at first sight for all of us.

Hope you all have an awesome week and after my temp assignment today, I will be getting back to my regular visiting and commenting (I swear) so I will definitely be seeing you all around the blogosphere again. I hated being away. I thank you all for being such great friends to me during this discombobulated time.



  1. Congrats on the cover, and yay for new puppies!

  2. @Jamie Thanks! Puppies are so cool and a lot of work LOL

  3. is that me on the cover? :)))
    If all seraphs look like that I hope I'll fly off to heavens soon :)
    Can't wait for the release of the book, Melsy dearest :) And you know how humbled and honoured I am to be mentioned in the dedication! You are a true angel.

    Can't way to see Vegas too! You will be the best mommy :) to the little pup :)

  4. Love that cover! Congrats on the book.

    And we want pictures of the little shih tzu too.

  5. Congratulations on the book!! And the new puppy. Prepare for chewing.

  6. Congratulations!

    Vegas sounds so cute. :) I'm looking forward to pictures as well!

  7. Congrats! Wow, that is some cover ;D
    I'm excited for you~ Can't wait to see picks of the new puppy, Vegas! How fun...
    Cheers to you :D

  8. You said "discombobulated" - what a great word! Your story looks like it will sizzle to the touch, let alone to the read! Looking forward to your guests - and give that little one a scratch behind the ears for me!

  9. @Dez You know I asked them to use you, of course. Who else could be such a devilish angel? ;) Aww... thank you, sweetie. You're one of the best. And little Vegas really does seem to love me. When I came home from working, she was all over me. :)

    @L.G. Thank you! I hope to have pics of Vegas up very soon.

    @Alex Thanks! I am all prepared for Operation Chew Storm. She seems to have shoe fetish, the better the shoe, the more she chews.

  10. @Golden Eagle Thank you so much. I will definitely have to hurry with those pictures.

    @Ella Thanks! Isn't that model just lovely to look at? I think I need to step into my freezer after I look at it. Vegas is a fun name. josh picked it out because he did not want a puppy with a girly name. :)

    @Craig discombobulated is one of my very favorite words. ;) Thank you so much for the thoughts. I hope it sizzles and not fizzles. I'm always nervous with a new piece. And I will most definitely give Vegas a scratch behind the ears for you. :)

  11. How much of a challenge was it to write a gay protagonist? I'm sure your friends will appreciate your attempt, because after all it's the thought that counts.

  12. @Jeffrey Thanks! It was difficult to write because I had to get myself out of my own level of comfort and get into a completely different mindset.

  13. Intriguing -- book and cover, not the puppies. Puppies are fun for everyone who's not doing all the work.

  14. @Giggles Mary, my nephew takes care of all the puppy stuff. LOL Glad you like the cover

  15. Puppies are great but hey I just had trouble reading, my eyes kept flying back to that cover...LOL!

  16. @Siv That cover is hot one isn't it? I keep looking at it myself. LOL

  17. Hi Melissa,

    Wow, gotta love that cover! Can't wait to read what is inside.

    Congrats on your new baby girl, that is so exciting.

    Thanks so much for stopping by to visit the other day, I really do appreciate it.

    Hope your weekend is grand,

    Kathy M.

  18. This is ridiculously late, but congrats on the new cover and now congrats on finishing your book! Gay? You've got my attention.

    New puppies make everything right in the world. Legit.

  19. @Kathy Thanks! The new addition is certainly keeping us on our toes. LOL

    That cover is a steamer, isn't it? ;)

    @M You're never too late. Thanks! I did challenge myself to write a gay story this time. I am nervous as all hell, but very excited.

    And yeah, puppies do make everything better, don't they?


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