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Monday, October 25, 2010

My Favorite Scary Movies

As the night of my annual Fright Fest approaches I thought I'd take some time to share my favorite scary movies with you. Some are genuinely scary to me, others are good for some jumps and looks under the bed, while still others are pure fun. Drum roll...

Halloween - There's nothing like the John Carpenter original. This was one of the first grown-up scary movies I saw and it still works on my inner ten year old who's scared of the boogie man.

30 Days of Night - I love this vampire flick because it makes me jump every time I watch it and I always get a bit creeped out by Danny Huston and those enormous teeth and nails.

The Exorcist -Demonic possession is one thing that squicks me and this one really got to me when I first saw it as a teen.

28 Days Later - Danny Boyle created a zombie masterpiece with this one.

The Strangers - There's something about killers with no rhyme or reason, just because they could.

Night of the Living Dead - This one is one my very favorites..."They're coming to get you, Barbara" Can't enough of those shuffling, ravenous zombies. I love you George Romero.

A Nightmare on Elm Street - Freddy Krueger rules. Sorry Jackie Earle, but I love my Robert Englund. Not to mention we have Johnny Depp disappearing in a bed of blood.

The Howling - This has to be one of the best werewolf movies, ever. It has my ultimate all time transformation scene, too. Robert Picardo is a bubbling, stretching mess.

John Carpenter's The Thing - Kurt Russell fights an alien that can be anybody or anything at a remote science station in the Antarctic. One by one they are consumed.

Scream - Man this one had me going. That opening kill sequence was scary good.

Army of Darkness - Bruce Campbell has no equal. This movie rocks.

Let the Right One In - The scariest kiddie vamp ever. The two kids blew me away.

The Descent - An all female cast rocks this Neil Marshall classic about flesh-eaters and dark, tiny places.

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - Kenneth Branagh created a gloomy, horrifying vision that really captured the essence of the novel.

Dog Soldiers - A werewolf classic that provides some great humor and heart-pounding action.

Friday the 13th - The original one with the ultimate killer bitch, Mrs. Voorhees, plus Kevin Bacon getting sliced and diced.

The Haunting - An old school haunted house story that gives me the chills. Based on the incredible Shirley Jackson story.

Alien - I jumped about ten feet the first time I ever saw this movie. "In space, no one can hear you scream..."

Child's Play - For sheer laughs, nothing beats a murderous doll with a foul mouth.

Wicked Little Things - Kiddie zombies terrorize a creepy Pennsylvania town. Awesome!

These are only some of my faves, ones I've watched several times. They will make an awesome addition to any scary movie night. What are some of your faves? I'm always up for a movie.


  1. You have such good taste Melissa, I would have a horror movie night with you any day of the week, great choices. Faves from your list for me is 30 Days of Night, Scream and Childs play. And yet out of all the above The Strangers had me the most freaked out, probably for the same reasons you put. If I was too add one to that list, it would be the original Halloween. Thanks for your post, interesting as ever x

  2. Awww...Thank you Demspey. You are awesome. I'd do a horror movie night with you, anytime,too. I love Halloween as well. Just got finished watching my DVD. Michael Meyers gets me every time. I was freaked out with The Strangers and have a hard time watching it alone.

  3. If only we lived in the same country!
    Yeah the ending of strangers had me, and whats worse, my sister is the spitting image of Liv Tyler, she gets called Liv all the time, and when watching it, all I could think of was my sister which freaked me out more.

  4. Oh no! If my sister looked like Liv, I don't think I could have ever sat through it. It is too bad we don't live in the same country, I have a feeling we would have a blast watching horror flicks.

  5. Some interesting choices there, Melissa. Army of Darkness--hell yes. I've still not seen the original Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday 13th!

    My faves would have to be The Exorcist, Rosemary's Baby, The Fog, The Omen, and Alien. Also love those old Hammer Horrors starring Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee.


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