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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T Is For Julie Taymor

It's Tuesday and I am already wanting the next weekend. Yikes! Anyway...I wanted to let you all know that I will be spotlighting the awesome E.J. Wesley this coming Sunday. He's graciously consented to visit and let me ask a couple of questions to find out some of his secrets.

It's T day here on the A to Z and I am spotlighting the incredible director Julie Taymor. Brilliant does not even begin to describe this woman who has received numerous prestigious awards in theater, film and academia including a MacArthur Foundation genius grant and a Guggenheim Fellowship.

She got her start in the late 70's when she formed her own theater company Teatr Loh, which toured throughout Indonesia and the Untied States. From there she went to work collaborating with The Theater for a New Audience developing and later directing productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Tempest, The Taming of the Shrew and Titus Andronicus. Her greatest theater success came in 1997 when she developed, directed and designed the costumes for the international hit musical The Lion King. Her work on this production garnered her two Tony awards, one for directing and one for costume design. She became the first woman to win a Tony for directing a musical. To date The Lion King musical has earned 6 billion in ticket sales and currently has nightly productions in 45 countries.

In the late 90's Julie turned to film where she adapted her production of Titus for the big screen. It starred Anthony Hopkins, Jessica Lange and Alan Cumming. She went on to direct Frida, the story of artist Frida Kahlo. It received six Academy Award nominations, ultimately winning two for Original Score and Make Up. Oscar would come calling again in 2007 for Taymor's film Across the Universe, a 60's love story set to Beatles music.

As if theater and film weren't enough, Julie has also found success in directing operas. She has directed productions of The Magic Flute for the Metropolitan Opera and The Flying Dutchman for the Los Angeles Opera. She filmed her production of Oedipus Rex and it received an Emmy Award and the International Classical Music Award for Best Opera Production.

My mind is blown by the sheer talent of this woman. And you know what?...She shares my birthday, December 15. We Sagittarians are in a class by ourselves, I must say.


  1. You are indeed in a class by yourself, Melissa!
    I'd like to see the Lion King production one day.
    And looking forward to your hosting of EJ.

  2. She sounds like an amazing woman. The Lion King is second on my list of shows I want to see right behind Wicked.

  3. Julie Taymor is amazing. I love her work.

  4. ANOTHER SAG.... OH NO!!!!!!!! LOL.

    How amazing is this woman? WOW, that is some list of IMPRESSIVE credits. I'd be thrilled to have just one of them....

    I must say her costumes for LION KING are TRULY AMAZING and the STAGE directions sheer genius!

  5. now don't hate me, but I cannot stand her work. She single-handedly ruined FRIDA and all of Salma's amazing efforts in it with her butchering cuts of the scenes and superficial focus shifts. And she also ruined the amazing cast in TITUS by creating a stunningly empty and pointless mess of monotonous scenes in the film :(

  6. My mind is blown by your sheer talent, Melissa. But this woman is a shining example as well. Thank you for pointing her out.

  7. I love Julie Taymor as a director, think her films are incredibly rewatchable.

  8. What an incredible woman! Thanks for sharing I'd never heard of her.

    Shirletta @ Shirleyisnotmyname

  9. Well, I loved Frida; watched it three times. Thanks for the reminder. -Belinda.

  10. I'd heard of her but didn't know much about her. She's impressive.

  11. Although I never heard of her, I just realized that I've seen "Frida" back in my arthouse days. Terrific film with a stunning Salma Hayek.
    Bravo Mrs. Taymor!

  12. She didn't have a lot of luck with Spider-Man onstage - but she is a tremendously talented woman whose ventures into film were all very interesting.

  13. I'm not going to lie, there was a point in time during which I was utterly addicted to Across the Universe. So I definitely have a very large soft spot for her. Never got to see Lion King and definitely regret that (what kind of a New Yorker am I?). Great post!


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