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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H Is For Gale Anne Hurd

I can't believe it's Tuesday already. My day was a total blur yesterday. I literally worked until I dropped. I hate those days, especially when I'm running on three hours of sleep. Ugh...So here we are on the H Day of the A to Z. Man, we are cruising right along. You can check out all of the incredible challengers by clicking on the link at the top of my side bar. 

If you haven't been by the Imaginarium before, welcome. I tend to run on, get snarky and talk about anything and everything. And to all my faithful friends, yes I know I've been very bad and haven't gotten back to you, but you know I'll tag you all back as soon as I can. Thank you for sticking with me, I don't know what I would without you.

Moving on to H. And today's rockin' lady is my girl, Gale Anne Hurd. She is one hell of a producer, currently responsible for one of my all time favorite shows, The Walking Dead. She got her start with one of the geniuses of the film world, Roger Corman and his New World Pictures. In 1982, she formed her own production company, Pacific Western Productions, and produced some the 80's biggest blockbusters: The Terminator, Aliens (one of my all time fave films ever) and The Abyss.

She's a force to be reckoned with in the male dominated world of sci fi and action, one of a very few women who have successfully produced huge moneymakers. Her resume also includes Tremors, Terminators 2 and 3, Armageddon and The Incredible Hulk. Gale's latest project is AMC's The Walking Dead, cable's highest rated show ever, which has been signed to a fourth season. It's Season 3 finale was the most watched drama series telecast in basic cable history. Hell to the yeah.

In 1998 she received Women In Film Crystal Award, which is given to women, who through the excellence of their work, help to expand the role of women in the entertainment industry. Gale has kicked open the door for the women who come after her, proving that action and sci fi are not just the realm of men.


  1. Ironic she began with Corman. Worked well with Cameron as well. Produced a lot of movies I like!

  2. I worked for her once. She's a very good producer and a very nice boss, which do not always go hand in hand. But she's confident in her power, believes in the people hired by the people hired by the people she hired, and consequently she has no need to wield her power through unpleasantness. I wish I could have worked more closely with her. Another fantastic post Melissa!

  3. That's one hell of a resume. And YAY for the Walking Dead.

  4. I hope you dropped somewhere soft.

  5. I need to speak with this woman because the season 3 finale sucked in my opinion. Now I can blame her.

  6. It's nice to know an amazing woman like that can be recognized Melissa.

  7. If she's responsible for Walking Dead, then I'm with you, she totally rocks in my book too!! Go Gale!!!!

  8. Wow, she is awesome! I LOVE Aliens and I loved Terminator and even Tremors, and of course The Walking Dead! Thanks for sharing this info about her. :)

  9. Never heard of her, but wow... impressive filmography! Seen many of her productions: Bad Dreams, Cameron's movies, Tremors, Ghost & The Darkness...


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