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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Whoo Hoo!! Now Available...Byzantine Provocateur

ISBN 978-1-61124-072-6

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!! It's a brand new release celebration Sunday for yours truly. High fives and fist bumps all around, yo! Now let me tell you all about my latest naughty creation from Amber Quill Press.

Set in Istanbul, Byzantine Provocateur is an erotic tale about a woman who engages in a make-you-sweat, down and dirty forbidden vacation fling. And in spite of the risk, it's well deserved considering the bad sex she's had. Of course I'm a bit of a softy when it comes to the romance-y stuff so there's quite a bit of that in here as well. But this is erotica, so there is considerably more of the sexy, triple-x action. ;) Just the way I like it...er that's TMI isn't it? Sorry. Now back to Byzantine...

Before I forget, should you choose to purchase my awesomely fantastic tale for some fun reading, it is available at a 35% new release discount, so click here to take advantage.


An ancient city sparks forbidden desire…

Thalia Burton arrives in Istanbul to relax and enjoy the company of her old friend. Hoping to forget the boring rut her life had become, she never imagines one encounter with Fadi's brother re-igniting the dim flame of passion inside her. Captivated by the heat in his golden eyes, Thalia finds herself tempted beyond reason...

Murat Bahar had only intended to meet Thalia as a courtesy to his family. One look at the lovely American incinerates his intentions. She is an exquisite morsel he longs to taste, a taboo treat enthralling him like a siren of myth. Perhaps just one night…

Once is not enough. Thalia and Murat embark on a fiery, secret affair that could burn them both, costing them friends and family.


The lock clicked into place with a muted sound, enclosing Murat and Thalia in their own private world, somewhere out of time. A million half-formed thoughts flitted through her mind, her stomach tightening with a flurry of nerves.
We are really going to do this.

Her gaze darted around the sumptuous room, barely registering the decor until her attention halted on the queen-sized bed. Covered in indigo silk, it was inviting and intimidating all at once—a plush, opulent love nest that made her large bed at home seem like a bunk in a youth camp.

She looked over her shoulder to find Murat regarding her with a contained expression as if he were waiting for a sign. Her pulse jumped under the weight of that stare and the enormity of what she was about to do. All her bravado in the salon fled. She was completely out of her element now. Aside from a couple of drunken gropings in college, all her sexual history, brief as it was, had been in relationships. This would be her first official one night—make that one day—stand.

He moved in, sliding his arms around her waist and drew her against him. “If you are unsure, we can halt this,” he murmured against her hair, brushing his cheek along the top of her head.

“No,” she choked out, closing her eyes as his warm breath feathered the shell of her ear, sending tiny thrills all the way to her toes. “I’m just a little nervous, that’s all.”

“Then I will relax you.”


  1. Congratulations to you Mel on the release of "Byzantine Provocateur". I wish you much success with your book, and it seems to be headed in that direction.
    The excerpt sounds very interesting and hot, it really catches my attention and makes me want to read more :)

  2. Thank you very much Jaccstev. Your words have made my morning. :)

  3. Congrats on Byzantine Provocateur, Mel :) I wish you many sales!

  4. love the synopsis, darling, you are one of the few writers who know how to write an interesting and alluring blurb!
    Love the name of the main character, Thalia :) Sexy :) And Turkish men are also very attractive :)
    And I love Istanbul!
    I'm putting the add for your new work in my sidebar above MAXIE BRISCOE!

  5. Thank you so much KC. :) Congratulations to you on December Promise. I am dying to read it.

  6. Dez, darling you are the absolute best. :)Thank you so very much for the add for Byzantine. And your lovely compliment made me all warm and fuzzy. Hugs!

  7. Congrats Melissa! The book sounds like a readers delight.

    Your writing and imaginative grasp of the world of romance is enchanting. I enjoyed the excerpt, which means I'll probably enjoy the whole book. Well done!

  8. Congratulations on the release of your book Melissa. Best of luck. It sounds intriguing.

    Thoughts in Progress

  9. Congrats, sweetie! :) I'm sure this new book of yours will be even more successful than the previous ones. The title itself sounds so provocative, it makes me wanna buy the book immediately! :)

  10. Matt, thank you very much. Your words of praise mean a lot to me. I'm happy you enjoyed the excerpt and hope you will get the chance to read the entire thing.

  11. Thank you Mason! I'm so happy Byzantine is out there at last.

  12. Thanks, Victoria! :) Hope all is well with you. Can't wait for more at Hairnets & Hopes. :)

  13. Hey George! Aww thanks, sweetie. I'm happy you like my title and I hope you will get to read this one day. :)

  14. Set in Istanbul?? Why didn't you say so! Off to get this one right away...

  15. Hi Deniz!! Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy Thalia and Murat's story.

  16. In your writing I trust, after reading and fully enjoying Maxie, this I will definately read. I wish you every success with your new book, well done Mel congrats x

  17. Thanks, Dempsey. That means a lot to me. :)

  18. Dempsey just told me that this book is something I would love...when I get some pennies I'll purchase it! Im trying to borrow Maxie of him but he's hidden it in the safe........'you cant borrow it, you have to buy it and plus this one's signed' he says!

    Guess I will have to decide which one to get first he he.

    Congrats on your books Mel, good to see you doing well .

    Toodles x

  19. Hey Christian! Shame on Dempsey, but don't tell him I told you that. ;) I'm sure you'll love either story no matter which one you start with. :)

    I'm looking forward to your site, my dear.


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