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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lost and Found by M S Spencer...A Review

Released June 10, 2010 by Red Rose Publishing

Contemporary Romance/Action/Adventure, M/F

Heat Index: 3 Flames; Red Rose line: Autumn Rose

69,000 words; eBook; ISBN 978-1-60435-707-3

Rose Culloden has come to Maine in search of the husband who left her without explanation. As she surreptitiously looks for answers, she finds herself continually drawn to James Stewart, a local guide. They embark on an unexpected,passionate affair that leaves Rose torn between loyalty to marriage vows and a chance at real happiness. As her search continues, Rose finds herself questioning everything about her life and facing some awful truths she's never acknowledged. It isn't until she's hit with the true depths of David's deceptions that she finally realizes what real love is all about, only it might just be too late.

This is a wonderful tale of one woman's difficult journey to free herself from the expectations she'd had for herself and the kind of life she'd always imagined she should have. Rose is a frustrating, endearing, visceral character that readers will easily identify with. There were times I found myself wanting to hug her, slap her, cheer her and yell at her. Ms. Spencer has created a deep, intelligent protagonist that is engaging and provocative. Her quest to be free from not only her marriage, but her the weight of her own flawed expectations is something everyone can identify with at some point in their lives.

The characterizations in this tale were absolutely unforgettable. James is a strong, upright man whose own flaws provided the perfect counterpoint to Rose. The supporting cast was amazing. Each one of these characters leaped from the pages, everything from their dialogue to their descriptions was original and off-beat.

Ms. Spencer has a dynamic way of setting the scenes. Her descriptions of places are vivid and arresting. In my mind's eye, I was right there, feeling the bite of the wind, the cold of the rain. I could actually taste and smell the lobster and the various dishes. Ms. Spencer has an obvious love of food that translates to her fiction. I wanted to eat everything she described. There were times all that detail seemed extraneous, though, with too much information packed in.

The passion and conflict between Rose and James was believable, if a bit rushed. I felt like I wanted them to have more time together and some of their scenes ended too abruptly for my taste. Overall, though,their romance was beautiful, the lovemaking touching and sweet.

I enjoyed this story very much. Ms. Spencer has a real gift for crafting honest, engaging tales that will stay with the reader long after the last page has turned.

You can purchase Lost and Found here

To find out more about M S Spencer and her delightful stories, please visit her
at http://www.meredithellsworth.com/

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