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Friday, July 26, 2013

Good News Friday

It's Friday and Pay Day...Whoo Hoo!! Anyway, today I wanted to share some Big News. My wonderful friends Siv over at Been There, Done That and Michael Di Gesu at In Time are going to be revealing the cover for Siv's book, Secrets of the Ash Tree this coming Monday. Michael did the illustration for the cover and it's going to be gorgeous. Stop by and visit them.

I also will be having an upcoming visit from the brilliant Jeremy Hawkins from Being Retro. He'll be sharing his newest art books with us. I can't wait!

It's also Blog Blitz time. So if you get a chance, please head over to Courtney Barr at The Southern Princess. She's got brilliant wit and we want to encourage her to keep blogging.

So, this is the weekend and I am planning on doing a bunch of writing and hopefully watching some horror films, The Conjuring in particular. It looks terrific. Speaking of horror, I have a new rule to help you survive. "Don't call 911. You'll always be put on hold."

So what is going on this weekend? Any news to share? Talk to me.


  1. excited to see what our zombie master Jeremy has in store for us :)

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  2. Thanks for the shout out Melissa!

    Are we still on for tomorrow?

  3. Just wait until you see the cover! Yes, the Ninja knows secrets...
    Jeremy is going to rock it on his tour.
    And unless you are die-hard for Hugh Jackman, I might wait for The Wolverine on DVD. It was all right.

  4. So excited about Monday! Thanks for the shout out :)Good luck to Jeremy, can't wait to see what his brilliance has in store! LOL as for the wolverine...waiting for DVD

  5. Oh I love cover reveals! Can't wait to check it out.

  6. Ooooh, wanna know whatcha think about The Conjuring, really want to see that!

    And yeah, what the hell's up with 911 putting folks on hold?! A few weeks ago I had to call for an ambulance (things are cool; my dad has varicose veins and one of them ruptured and we couldn't get it to stop bleeding after, like, 20 minutes or so, so I reckoned we needed professional help), and I got put on hold, then the call *dropped*, and I had to call back and got put on hold *again*!!! WTF?
    Some Dark Romantic

  7. Drat! I missed the blitz! I gotta check my email more often.

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