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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hell To The Yeah, This Is One Badass Bitch

I want to run screaming through the streets "At last, at last, at last..." You all know I love ass-kicking females and have longed, longed to see a woman on screen who can go balls to the wall with men. Thanks to Cathy at Buzz's Cafe, I have seen the trailer for what is sure to become one of my favorite films of all time, Haywire. Take a look at this awesomely spectacular trailer.

Is Mallory Kane badass or what? You can see my satisfied smile all the way to Hollywood, baby. This is what I'm talking about. Take that all you antiquated jackasses who think women can't kill unless motivated by kids or love. And that they only resort to poison or guns.

Steven Soderbergh directs this Lem Dobbs screenplay and he has cast MMA star Gina Carano as Mallory, a black ops super soldier out for revenge after her handlers betray her. The stellar cast also includes Ewan MacGregor, Michael Douglas, Bill Paxton, Antonio Banderas, Channing Tatum and Michael Fassbender. It hits theater January 20 and I, for one, will be first in freakin' line.

It should be interesting to see how this performs during the cinematic dead zone. If it blows the audiences away like 300, maybe DC will take note and make Gina Wonder Woman. I can only hope. It would fantastic to see my childhood hero kicking ass like this.


  1. not my cup of tea, but I will most definitely watch it since I wouldn't be so stupid to miss a film featuring Ewan, Channing and Fass My Benders in the same cast :)

  2. Haha, I'm happy for you! I'm totally with you on the bandwagon for promoting more badass women in film.

  3. Wow! That does look pretty cool - I'm all for the badass women - and this one even dresses girly sometimes - which just makes this look all the more awesome! Thanks for pointing this one out, Melissa! The January release doesn't sound like the biggest vote of confidence from the studio - but a good movie is a good movie is a good movie, no matter when it hits The Big Screen.

  4. I really like Gina. I'm glad Soderbergh used her. She's a great MMA fighter. I believe she was on the brief remake of American Gladiators.

  5. Also, she's the real deal. I'm so glad they finally got someone who can actually fight and has the physicality to do the stunts for the movie. Hopefully this is the beginning of a long career for her.

  6. Thank you for the mention, Melissa.
    Extremely love this trailer too. Girls can really kick ass, right? ^^

  7. The choice of cast is so surprising, yet amazing! And so is the trailer! enjoyed every second of it. Mallory looks like the adult version of Hanna to me. Did you check out Hanna, sweetheart? I have to! :)

  8. Thanks for bringing this trailer to my attention - what an amazing cast! Looks like a movie one can really sink their teeth into.


  9. Very cool! Love it, Melissa. I'll be in line, too.


    Now excuse me while I got hyperventilate. Thank you for this delicious piece of fucking awesome.

  11. Yippee, that looks very promising and I loved that line, "Isn't there someone you can call for help." We need more kickass women in the world. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  12. @Dez Heck yeah all three of them in the same movie is going to be epic. LOL I love Fass My Benders.

    @Matt Oh yes there does need to be more badass women on the Big Screen and I love it that you are are on the bandwagon.

    @Craig The release date does not sound like the biggest vote of confidence, but considering it's Soderbergh, I think this will take off. Glad ou liked it!

  13. @msmariah I am loving Gina and I agree absolutely that it is awesome to have someone who can actually do the fights and the stunts. Gina rocked this trailer and I am to find out all I can about her. I hope she has really long career, too.

    @Cathy You are so welcome. I am so freaking happy you spotlighted this. Girls definitely kick ass and it feels good to see a female action star throw down with and defeat guys and not just the weaker ones.

  14. @Nebular Hey sweetie, I agree this is a really interesting cast, such a diverse group. I loved, loved this trailer and now I am dying to see the whole movie. I have to see Hanna, still, my bad.

    @Nina Hi! This is one heck of a movie and I definitely will be sinking my teeth into it. Opening night, if possible. :)

  15. @RaShelle I'm so happy you loved this. Wasn't it just the coolest? I love seeing women tackle strong roles like this and I love that this is a female black ops soldier.

    @M LMAO I knew you were gonna love this and even hyperventilate. I was in such a state of euphoria when I saw this that I was dancing around my room and nearly shouted my family out of the house. You are most welcome for this delicious piece. ;)

    @Jules That was a wicked line. I loved it! I also loved at the very end "You better run." It is so liberating seeing a woman all dressed in black and camouflage ready to hunt.

  16. Dang, she's a sexy badass too. That trailer had my heart racing. I love your enthusiasm about this (and about chocolate too).
    Be well.

  17. Looks like the kind of movie I might enjoy. Puts me in mind of the Angelina Jolie movie Salt which I liked a great deal.

    Tossing It Out

  18. Oh, yeah...we need this type of woman in holiday! Where has she been hiding?! This looks great~
    Thanks for sharing! Kick ass is good!

  19. I like to see kick ass women. Why not? I'm sure there will be a quality Wonder Woman soon. Maybe Linda Carter could play her mother.

  20. @Ellie Doesn't this look completely cool? I can't wait.

    @Ricardo Hi my friend. Hugs to you and I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

    @Siv She sure is my kind of girl. I hope this movie tears up the box office so we get more like it.

  21. @Robyn I think my enthusiasm has rained all over the web. LOL My appreciation and need for chocolate knows no bounds. Be well, too, my friend.

    @Lee Salt was a great film. There needs to be more movies like this for women.

    @Ella We sure do need more of Mallory Kane. I agree, I think this is going to be awesome.

    @Stephen I sure hope that we get a great Wonder Woman very soon. And Lynda Carter would make a most excellent Amazon Queen.

  22. Great post Mel!

    I can't wait for this one, it looks awesome! It looks like it took 'Long Kiss Goodnight' and made it serious, seriously awesome!

    The cast in this one is stellar, well everyone except Channing Tatum - who annoys me to no end but since the trailer showed him getting his ass kicked, I'm ok with that...

    Gina Carano looks intense and I loved that they took a *relative unknown* who can handle herself, a total understatement, and translate it to screen.

    I am a big fan and can't wait to see it. Actually, I can't wait for the after movie discussion!!

  23. @Russell I can't wait for the after film discussion, either. we are going to be tweeting ALOT! :)

    This is a seriously wicked looking film and leave it to Soderbergh to finally bring us a kick ass woman of this calibre.


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