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Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer of '79

In honor of my favorite film this summer, Super 8, I am taking a trip in the Way Back Machine to the Summer of '79...

Being 9 years old...Riding around on Henry Stormin's gold Harley Fat Boy, that big engine purring right through me.

Rolling up to the Toot & Tell 'Em Drive In to get an ice cold bottle of Pepsi. There was nothing like those big glass bottles, the condensation dripping on my fingers as that cold liquid slid down my throat.

4th of July fireworks on the golf course courtesy of the Pana, Illinois Volunteer Fire Department

Hanging out on the dock of Uncle Max's lake cabin and being told that the catfish would eat my toes if I dangled my feet in the water.

Eating ice cream from the Dairy Queen in the back of cousin Charles' 1970 El Camino, 8 track blaring Led Zeppelin, The Knack, Thin Lizzy, T-Rex and Ted Nugent and Donna Summer when Deena was with us.

Here are some of my favorite songs from back then...

Don't Bring Me Down by ELO

Hot Stuff by Donna Summer

My Sharona by the Knack

Mississippi Queen by Mountain


  1. Oh, wow. This one sent me back.
    We just saw Super 8 yesterday. GREAT movie.
    I wish Spielberg and Lucas would do a joint effort. That would be a must-see.

    Thanks for the memories here, Melissa!

  2. @Bryce I'm so happy you enjoyed my little trip here. I had to do it. Super 8 is just my absolute fave of the summer and it sucked me right back to childhood. I loved the music in there.

    Yep, a new original project from Lucas and Spielberg would certainly make my year.

  3. Love, love, love the post.

    Love E. L. O.-- great song choice, too.

  4. I'm not familiar with the late 70s /I wasn't even born then :)/, but I LOVE Donna Summer... she's absolutely mesmerizing!

    So you liked Super 8 better than X-Men? :)

  5. He he! Wow look at those hairdos! You've got a nice blog here.

  6. yep, I don't remember the 70's either, since I was born at the very end of the decade but I don't think I would like the fashion, music and hairdos of that era :)
    However my people remember that decade fondly since those were the times when were in old Yugoslavia under famous Tito and our country was one of the most respected around the world and the living standard was extremely high ... but then in the 80's it all went downhill ....

  7. Well, I would have been old enough to be your babysitter in 1979. Oh, man, we were still wearing jeans with flares back then. Good times.

  8. @Suze Hi! I'm so happy you loved my post. Isn't ELO great ? When I hear this song it makes me want to be in the car cruising with particular place to go.

    @mood This is some of the best music ever, isn't it? :)

  9. @Nebular Well hon, now you made me feel old. :) I adore Donna Summer, too. I love to bust out those disco tunes every now and again, shake my tail feathers, get my groove on. LOL

    Yeah I had to go with Super 8. Purely sentimental reasons though. It was a hard choice.

    @D.U. Hi! Yeah these hairstyle are rockin' aren't they? I'm so happy you like my little corner of the blogosphere.

  10. @Dez I know, I'm an oldie, but a goodie. ;) I love the music, but the clothes and hairstyles could stay back there. LOL

    I don't remember too much about Tito, except what I read when I got older. The 80's seem to be downhill for many people. My entire neighborhood got laid off when the steel mill here closed.

    @L.G. Oh my gosh those were such good times. I remember wanting to be able to wear those platform shoes. Thinking they were the coolest. Thank goodness I grew out of that LOL.

  11. Well, I was three in 1979 so I think my summer memories involved a baggie of cheerios and a kiddie pool.

    I saw Super 8 over the weekend. It was a great movie.

  12. I was 1 at the time, so any flashbacking I do has to be done vicariously through others. But thanks for sharing these great memories!

  13. We both agree that Super 8 is the class of the summer blockbusters...so far!

    Sitting back in an 1970 El Camino and listening to Led Zeppelin sounds awesome. Too bad I never got to experience the wild 70's. But I can catch a glimpse through your nostalgic post. Thanks for that.

    Great musical choices. Hot Stuff and My Sharona are EPIC songs and they truly reflect the 70's attitude.

  14. God I miss those days! So tell, was Super 8 a great movie? I have heard yes and not so much.

  15. I remember ELO's Discovery album. And Heart of Glass by Blondie. Try not to remember anything by the BeeGees though. Makes my ears bleed.
    How about that - you're younger than me!

  16. I guess the very nostalgic Super 8 really has shown its side effects that make us break out our old record collections :)

  17. I was 15. ELO was a huge album. I thnk everybody had it. I did. :D

  18. @M.J. LOL I remember those little Cheerio baggies for our road trip down to visit my cousins. I'm happy you enjoyed Super 8. It really is my fave movie of the summer so far.

    @Jeffrey Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed my little memory flashbacks. I loved sharing and Super 8 certainly made me feel nostalgic.

  19. @Matt Yes, Super 8 certainly is the best so far this summer. I'm still awaiting HP.

    Man, I miss that El Camino. Listening to Zeppelin on iPod just isn't the same. Glad you liked the tunes, I still shake my tail feathers to ELO and Donna Summer every now again.

    @Siv You should most definitely see Super 8. It's fantastic and it really does suck you right back to adolescence.

    @Alex I'm younger than you? Now I don't feel quite so old LOL. I try not to remember the Bee Gees, either. ;)

  20. @Jaccstev Yeah Super 8 certainly is a pure nostalgic dream machine. There's just something about the pure adventure, the adolescent yearning and the wonder of discovery in there that makes it a great summer ride.

    @MPax Oh man, my cousins played ELO for hours. It is still one my favorite albums and hearing on the soundtrack at Super 8 was pure awesomeness. I was nodding my head, and tapping my foot in time. And funny enough, there were lots of others in the theater doing the same thing. It was great.


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