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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Little Bit Of This...A Little Bit Of That

Today is a day for sharing. First, I'm over at author Raine Delight's blog today. Come on over and check it out. Next, I'd like to thank the amazing and awesome Siv Maria over at Been There, Done That has gifted yours truly the Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award. This is just too cool and I am honored. Thank you Siv, you are an awesome new friend whose blog I love very much.

Now to officially accept, here are seven random tidbits about me that I don't think I've mentioned before.

My nickname is Moe. Why? Well, because once upon a time someone thought my middle name Mae was actually Moe as in Moe Howard from the Three Stooges. Try living that one down in an auditorium full of people. I have, of course, become cool with this and my nephews and their friends all call me Auntie Moe.

I once had a pet chinchilla. She was the most adorable companion ever.

I hold the Bradley family land speed record for a hasty trip from Chicago to South Bend IN for the Notre Dame-Navy football game. 95-100 mph the entire way. And no Indiana State Troopers. Yay! or should that be Whew!

I once tried to go into Bachelor Grove cemetery, but chickened out at the No Trespassing sign. It is one of the most haunted cemeteries in America.

I have a scar by my eyebrow from when my brother threw a chunk of firewood at me while playing The Incredible Hulk. I was not the Hulk.

The worst fall I ever had came in front of my doctor's office. I was walking along, then went airborne. I crashed onto my face and stomach. My glasses flew off, my backpack spilled and about 10 people came to help me. I also managed to rip my jeans. The reason for my fall? My boots got stuck in the metal grate and my momentum carried me right out of them. The funny part was they were stuck in my stride. The painful part...I was purple from chin to stomach, both breasts, too.

I'm embarrassed to say I did not get my drivers license until I was 24. Why? No car. In my hood, the CTA is more convenient. And when I lived on the North Side of Chicago, I had two buses and an L stop within one block of my place.

Okay, now that you know these rather odd little things about me, let me go on to give you some very cool news. I am starting a weekly Monday thing called Mel's Imaginarians. This is for all you out there who have something to share. I will have a little box up in the right hand corner and in it I will promo your news and happenings. So if you have something you want to share, email me the deets and links at melbwritesATgmailDOTcom.


  1. "I was not the Hulk"-- that made me laugh so hard. Too funny!

    The worst fall I ever had came when I made the ill fated decision to hurdle a tennis net on a change of ends during a game with my sister. Needless to say, I did not quite clear the net. It made for some spectacular bruises though.

  2. Yeah, the Hulk comment was funny. But you definitely don't look like a Moe! Congratulations on the award.

  3. Congratulations on the award!

    Chinchillas are so cute. :)

  4. Interesting tidbits.

    I don't think I could ever be tempted to traverse the Bachelor Grove cemetery. Like you, I'm not one for such "haunting" experiences (unless viewed on screen).

    And kudos on the speed record. You'd make Steve McQueen proud!

  5. Auntie Moe /giggles/ :))

    I don't know why are people afraid of cemeteries? You have just dead people there and no one else :)

  6. Congrats on the award!!!

    "Bachelor Grove" cemetery?

    Nope, not going there.

  7. @M.J. I'm glad I made you laugh. You know, my brother still cracks up over that. :) Hurdling a net? Wow, I am impressed that you tried. Me, I'm a shorty and my legs would have never gotten more than a few inches off the ground. I think I would have ended up wrapped in the net.

    @Alex Thanks! I still can't get over the fact that the announcer thought my parents would name me after a Stooge.

  8. @Golden Thank you!

    Aren't chinchillas adorable? I had her for two years and she used to ride on my shoulder. She made my dog crazy because we had a two story cage for her and she used to reach through and chuck him on the nose when he got too close, then run up to the top while he went crazy barking. But, he liked her, too because he would sit by her for hours.

    @Matt So you think I'd make Steve McQueen proud, huh? That is awesome!

    Bachelor Grove is just creepy. I pulled up to the gate and because the road goes no further, you have to walk to actual entrance. The dread mounted as I proceeded and by the time I got to the sign, I was terrified and ran back to the car. Only the bear in Michigan made me run faster.

  9. @Dez So you think ol' Auntie Moe is worth some giggle, huh? Well you'd be right as I chuckle myself sometimes when I think about how it came about. My oldest nephew started the Auntie Moe because he couldn't pronounce Mel.

    I know I'm big chicken when it comes to that cemetery. But really, it is very creepy.

    @Bryce Thank you! Yeah, I have not been back to Bachelor Grove and I don't think I'll be returning either. :) That experience really unnerved me.

  10. Wait, then who was the Hulk?

    I have not heard of this Bachelor Grove cemetary, but now I want to go - if only for the delicious feeling of approaching it with intent - even if I then chicken out...

    Great odds and ends, MB!

  11. @Craig My brother was the Hulk. He tried to play it all off as I lay there bleeding. The snot!

    If you ever get to Chicago I'll take you to Bachelor Grove. Maybe I'll actually go in with someone.

  12. Thanks for sharing all these fun facts about yourself. So, Moe...Is it only that cemetery that scares you or is it all cemetery's in general? I love them! A walk through one is like getting personal with a strangers ghost.

  13. Hey Siv! No, it's only that one. There is an atmosphere there because it's been abandoned for decades and is isolated in the woods. All manner of strange things have been known to occur there. I normally like the quiet of a grave yard, but this one is just spooky.

  14. I love the Auntie Moe; so cute~
    Sorry about the scar; If you had been the Hulk, look out~
    Sorry about the fall; I had a fall, didn't leave me purple...sent me to the ER. You are amazing; I love that you have land speed record...wanna race ;D I'll go to the grave yard with you; let's go on Halloween!
    Thanks for visiting me and your kind words~

  15. Love the nickname Moe. Also, I'm itching to try sneaking into the Bachelor Grove cemetery. Sounds spooky. =D

  16. Congrats on the award, Moe! :) I like Moe and I have a few scares thanks to my brother.

    Wanted to say hello and that I'm doing my best to catch up. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  17. @Ella Awww.. Thank you so very much. You're awesome. :) And if you come here for Halloween, we will go to Bachelor Grove. I won't be such a chicken with someone with me.

    @RaShelle I'm so glad you like my nickname. :) It's part of me now forever. And if you go to Bachelor Grove, tell me. I just couldn't go alone. It is very creepy there.

    @Jules Hey there! It's good to see you here as always. Brothers are the worst for scars, aren't they? I think my whole family now calls me Moe. :)

  18. Hi Melissa,

    Congrats on your award! I really enjoyed reading the things about you. Dang, sorry about your fall; that sounds horrible.

    Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello.

    Kathy M.


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