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Thursday, June 23, 2011

In Desperate Need Of Inspiration

Okay, so I have three stories that I have to get finished, one by September 1, and I am feeling utterly and completely uninspired. Every time I sit down then open my document, my mind goes blank and my imagination shuts down. I'm not panicking, yet. I just do not know what to do. My Muse ran away and I don't know where to find her.

So I'm putting out a call for help to all my writer friends and blogging buddies out there, what do you do to recover your inspiration. Do you just write or work through it? Take yourself on an artist date? Do something else creatively and hope that your imagination catches fire? I have notes, but unfortunately I am a panster so there are no detailed outlines concerning the plot. I'm probably going to have to change that real quick. However, it's not even really the writing of the story, it's more like getting inspired to start.

I am thunking my head against my desk and I'm getting a big fat bruise right above my brows. I need some real help, so if you have any ideas, please, please feel free to share. I would very much appreciate it.


  1. The lack of inspiration is like a disease when speaking of writers. I'm not a writer, but I'm familiar with this feeling, so I suggest you to go and see something really beautiful... something stunning... something that will make your imagination explode. :) And in my opinion, inspiration and imagination are always connected and "work" as a team. :)

  2. I get this sometimes. i know what I want to write and have a pretty good idea of where things are going, but I can't get myself going. I find what I need to do is stop writing completely for a few days and go interact with real people for a bit wih no thoughts of needing to get back to my MS.


  3. How about reading a really great book. The type that inspired you to write in the first place. I always find this gives me a renewed enthusiasm for getting my arse on the seat. I also love watching television drama's of the type I write about and see the thrill of the story coming alive in that format.

    Good luck. It will come back.

  4. you should probably isolate yourself somewhere for a quiet weekend. Go into nature for a day or two and focus just on the silence around you and the writing. ]
    I wish I could do that, seclude myself from work and everything for a few months, go to a mountain or something and write write write ... but I don't have time nor sponsors for that :(

  5. I watch a lot of movies. (I'm sure you know that already!) But I always see something that sparks an idea, even if I don't use it.

  6. I'm a pantser too, and one of the ways I get through my stuck moments is by doing research. I go down a few rabbit holes and pretty soon I find some obscure fact that is perfect for my story. I can see the way it will bend the plot and take me to where I need to go. Finding one of those gems usually gets me going again.

    Also, sometimes those stuck moments are your subconscious telling you that something isn't quite right in the writing. There might be a knot that needs untying before moving on. :)

  7. One of the major reasons why I post about films is because I see them as great sources of inspirations.

    But anyway, I reckon you've seen a lot and that doesn't help.

    Usually music and a short getaway helps me clear my mental slate and allows me to attain new visions in life. I've just returned from a beach resort getaway and I'm now recharged with more fuel in life.

    For your case, more ink in your pen.

    Everyone has their means, let's hope you find yours soon! :)

  8. Sometimes when I'm stuck and I can't get my head into - what happens next - usually there is an idea percolating somewhere in the back of my mind for a different part of the story that it isn't time to write yet - but so what? If you think, for example, that you know how your book is going to end even if you don't know how you're getting there - write that. Even just an inspired paragraph can turn into something great and set off a chain reaction.

  9. True inspiration is genuine. It can't be faked or forcibly rendered.

    I think Dezz offered some interesting advice. Sort of adopt a Thoreau type environment/mindset, though I don't know how practical that is for you.

    My best piece of advice would be to go to the genesis of your writing inspiration. Remember something (a book, a movie, a story, etc.) that really touched you. Revisit it. Perhaps, genuine feelings of discovery may again materialize, which would foster your creative energies.

    Best of luck! You're a talented writer, so I have the highest confidence in you.

  10. I do blogfests for inspiration.

  11. well, I get my best ideas on the toilet :)

  12. Music usually inspires me to write. Or getting out of the usual routine, trying something new, that also works for me.

  13. I'd suggest an artsy evening out, then in the morning try to write about it. All good things... we cannot force greatness. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  14. While I agree with Matty that true inspiration is genuine, I think sometimes you can fan the spark back to a creative flame - so my suggestion is write, even if you're not feeling it - take it out about the same amount you can in a single sitting or as much as you would if you were hitting on all cylinders. Then leave that writing alone, no matter what you thought of it - until the next day. After a night's sleep, and maybe a day's work, come back to it and see if your own words can spark something better from you - build on them, weave in and amongst them with more; or tear them down to the ground and start over. It's a time investment that may not pay off every time - but it's worked for me in the past. Best of luck with getting your write on just the way you'd like!

  15. I do force myself when I don't have much other choice, but getting away can help a lot, especially if you can get with others and engage in stimulating conversation where you can pick the brains of others. Then again, sleep sometimes helps me. I get some pretty cool ideas from dreams when I remember them.

    Tossing It Out

  16. @Nebular Wise words, sweetie and a suggestion I think I will have to take this weekend. Inspiration and Imagination are definitely teammates. Thanks! :)

    @mood Thank you Maybe I am just pushing myself too hard to think through these next scenes. Perhaps a break is called for.

    @Rebecca Hi and thank you. A good book might just be what is called for here. I think I know which ones I'm going to try.

  17. @Dezz A getaway isn't in the cards right now, though it does sound wonderful. However, there are some good walking trails here in the forest preserve so a good long walk may be in order. Thanks, my friend. :)

    @Alex Movies sounds like a terrific idea. There are a couple that spring to mind immediately. I may have to set aside some time to do a mini-marathon. Thank you!

    @L.G. You may be right. Perhaps there is something that isn't quite gelling in these latest scenes. I may have some hard core work ahead. Thanks. :)

  18. @J-Son Thank you! Man, a beach getaway sounds like the perfect sort of inspiration right about now. Maybe I do need to just get out for a change of scenery. My work space is starting to close in on me.

    @Wendy I never thought of that...Thanks! Maybe I should pull out my idea notebook and see what's going on the old cranium subconscious. :)

    @Matt Adopting a Thoreau mindset sounds like a great idea. I can't get away anywhere, but maybe I can hit the beach and walk along Lake Michigan for a while. Thank you so much for your high praise. I really needed to hear that.

  19. @Summer Blogfests are a great idea. There are a couple of I've been looking at so i think i just may have to sign up. Thank you. :)

    @Maynard LMAO! Now that is one idea I have not considered. Thanks for making me smile and laugh. I needed to. :)

    @Jeffrey You know, I have been in a crazy rut the last few days, trying to catch up on so much at once. Perhaps I've burned myself out a bit. I may have to shake things up in a different way. Thanks!

  20. @Jules That is a really unique idea. I just went to Chicago's Art Institute with some friends and all the paintings, sculptures and pottery were gorgeous. Perhaps even inspiring...Thanks!

    @Craig Maybe writing through this could be the answer. And I do need some good sleep. I've put it away earlier and maybe with some good rest, inspiration will come. Thank you. :)

    @Arlee Thank you so much. I had an interesting, lively discussion about art tonight that is now percolating in my brain. I'm going to keep a notebook by my bed tonight and hopefully I'll be getting some inspiring thoughts. :)

  21. Maybe you could find inspiration in different creative forms of literature, like painting, music, ... things that provoke your imagination back to surface.

  22. Don't you know that your inspiration is staring you right in the face? It is here my friend among all these wonderful people and their stories. Now if that fails you can always go to the zoo :)Oh, BTW I have a piece of cake for you on my blog today. Take a nice big piece, it will make you feel better, I promise!

  23. It depends where I am in a story. I need a big whiff of the big "I" to begin. After that, I'll write through it, trusting something will come to me.

    Sometimes, I'll go do something else. Go for a walk, workout, read ... etc ... Thumb through my idea journal.

    Hope your muse returns soon.

  24. Head thunking hurts so stop! Take an evening and dedicate it to getting some rest. Don't go near the computer. The next day (or evening if that's when you write)go back to the beginning of the WIP and do a good self-edit. There's something in there bugging your subconscious. Once you get to it, you'll finish in a hurry.

  25. I dig Dezzy's idea: isolate yourself somewhere for a quiet weekend, especially a quiet place with a great view.
    But if you can get your hand on an NZT-48, that should really help to open our mind for countless fresh ideas :)

  26. I just imagine a character I really like, and then think of something terrible but survivable that can happen to them....

  27. always write what you know. What may seem innocuous to you, may be very interesting to others.

  28. @leovi That is a fantastic idea and one I followed this weekend. I dug into my beads and made some bracelets. My story ideas came together a bit. Thanks!

    @Siv Thank you so much! I love the cake and will show it off here tomorrow. I appreciate the thoughtfulness. And yes, you all certainly are an inspiration to me. :)

    @MPax You're right, maybe I do need to go over my story thus far and see what it is that might be bothering me. Thank you!

  29. @KC Aww...thanks! Yeah this head thunking does hurt. I did take some time away and I think I'll be alright. My Muse seems to be cooperating.

    @Jaccstev LOL Yes NZT-48 would certainly help me out a lot. :)

  30. @Brent Now that is one hell of an interesting approach. I will have to try that. Thanks!

    @Tombside Hi there! You have a point there. I'll try stepping back and working on something I'm very familiar with and maybe it will spark something. Thank you very much!


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