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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Insecure Writers Support Group

Hey Imaginarians, I know I've been sadly absent of late, but today is the IWSG and I just had to return for a bit because I love this group. Thank you, Captain Ninja Alex!

In light of my deadline ahead, I want to talk about emotion in writing. Not the emotion of the story, but your own emotional health. I've been going through a lot of late and my cynicism, bad attitude has been showing in all my writing. Which is not good when I am trying to craft hot scene between my characters or even when I am trying to leave a simple comment for someone.  My good friends have remarked on it, so I am trying to get in a good headspace. If you are under duress, stress , craziness, etc it will show in your writing. So take care of yourself before you sit back in front of that computer no matter what kind of deadline you are under.

Be well, my friends. And good luck with all your creative projects ahead.

Back to lurking about, writing and edits. See you soon!


  1. I haven't noticed!
    Our attitude does reflect in everything we do or say.
    Keep writing and editing.
    And stay thirsty, my friend.
    Sorry, that line of yours just made me think of the commercial!

  2. Some good advice as I've noticed the same problem in my writing. Got to get MY head in a better place before I get into my character's.

  3. we're always in the mood for hot scenes between your characters :)

  4. Oh damn-I was hoping my emotions were invisible-well not today, but prior-yikes!
    I hope you are better! I have had a lot of stress since March trying to find my way in a sea of noise and no alone time!

    Wanna run away?! lol
    Okay, we can't really, but we can pretend to meet at a Zen garden and have tea! (hugs)

  5. I've found my own emotional state clouding my writing, and blog commenting. Distressing.

    I hope things start looking up in your world Melissa. Take time to just enjoy the sun and fresh air. Or, just kill off a character, and feel no remorse ;)


  6. Ahh, stress. My old nemesis. I'm really looking forward to my own personal writer's retreat next weekend. Just me, for two days alone in a hotel room, writing.

  7. It's always hard when you feel the weight of the world on you, but the great thing about the group is there's so much encouragement.

  8. I'm sorry you haven't been doing well. I'm right there with you - the state of my health is really getting me down this summer, though it is improving. Go easy on yourself and treat yourself to something nice - a new kind of tea, or wine, or a new scent of lotion. Something to encourage you to keep on keeping on. Like Dory says, Just keep swimming!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  9. Oh yes! And sometimes you don't realize it. My second novel was a dark fantasy and I think I wrote it when I was feeling bleak. But if anyone said to me at the time, write what you're feeling I'd have told them they were daft :-) Next book will be lighter, promise!

  10. Thanks for the reminder, Melissa. It's good to take a few minutes for ourselves before we inhabit the lives of our characters.
    Kathy @ Swagger Writers

  11. This is so true and why it took me so long to write my book. There were many re-writes due to my own personal daily drama. Lucky for me I had a great beta reader! Good luck on our journey towards mind peace :)

  12. I'm sorry you have been in a rough patch - hope things are on the mend soon - this post is a lovely way to throw off the yoke of negativity and give some good advice! Your Rock Meter is almost back to full!

  13. Excellent advice, Melissa. Best wishes with your edits and sexy scenes, gurl!!!
    Some Dark Romantic


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