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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Maxie Briscoe Contest Winner

Over Halloween, I held a contest for a giveaway of my latest, Maxie Briscoe: Werewolf. Things got horrendously crazy hereabouts with a deadline, a science fair project, the Thanksgiving Holiday and about a hundred other issues. So I am posting the winner here now.

Congratulations Dempsey Sanders!!!!!!

Dempsey, I profoundly apologize for not posting this much sooner. Please email me at melbwrites@gmail.com to let me know where I can send you your prize.


  1. wow! Thank you so much that's so lovely I actually can't wait to read it. I will send you an e-mail now, but really thank you so much for the prize. And no need to apologize, its been manic here too I am just really grateful. My e-mail is themovie411@live.co.uk just in case it goes through to yours as spam as unfortunately sometimes this e-mail address does. Thanks again xx

  2. congrats to our dear Dempsey, and I must say I love the cover of your WEREWOLF book Melissa!


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