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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Top Ten Songs of All Time Music Blog Hop-Melissa's List

My friend, Alex J. Cavanaugh, got me hooked into participating in this wicked cool blog hop featuring our top ten songs of all time. Now, I could never just pick ten songs as the best. That's just way too difficult because I am such a music lover. So I decided to go with ten songs that have very special meaning to me. I flipped through my memory banks and here they are in no particular order of importance, just 10 songs from the soundtrack of my life. I've included the links for You Tube for these tunes since I couldn't figure out how to get them to play here.

10. Cry to Me by Solomon Burke This is my fantasy dance song with Patrick Swayze and it's no coincidence that it's the love scene song in Dirty Dancing. Oh, how I miss that man.

9. Chip Away The Stone by Aerosmith This was the song that kicked off my 26 year love affair with the boys from Boston. I was 15, it was summer and I was helping out at a car wash fundraiser when this song came on. I have never looked back. Aerosmith will be playing at my funeral.

8. Ripple by The Grateful Dead There are no words on how important this song is to me. It helped me through the suicide of a friend.

7. Living After Midnight by Judas Priest My first introduction to metal right here and I start going crazy whenever I hear the opening beats.

6. I Love Rock N Roll by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts I heard this and was blown away. I was 11 and this was the first time I'd ever heard a woman rockin' it out on the guitar. Joan is still my girl and the volume goes up when this song comes on.

5. Hurt So Good by John Mellencamp Whenever this song comes on, I think of a certain black-haired cowboy and a night to remember. Sexy and naughty...

4. Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack Never has a song defined the way that moment feels when someone else perfectly tunes in to your pain. I love both the original and The Fugees version.

3. Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett Ah the memories here...An ode to my favorite drink on planet Earth and to some, er, high times. ;)

2. Lili S'en Fout by Toufic Farroukh feat. Yasmine Hamdam Total seduction set to music and I love it. Yeah there are more than a few naughty memories attached to this one. ;)

1. Qingauiit by Tudjaat This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I was listening to it the first time I ever saw the sunrise over the Cascade mountains. It was one of the most incredible sights, day and night held the sky at the same time.

Scroll down for a complete list of participants and check out all the great music. Feel free to share your fave tunes in the comments. I'd love a listen.


  1. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with most of the song from your list, but I absolutely LOVE Roberta Flack's Killing Me Softly and Aerosmith's Chip Away The Stone :)

    By the way, did you receive my two e-mails, Mel?

  2. Excellent choice especially Roberta Flack. Well done.


  3. I've just got to listen to all the songs off your list - some beautiful choices.

    My Top Ten Songs

  4. Joan Jett! Oh yeah, baby! I shoulda put her on mine! Damnit! Nice to 'meet' you, Melissa! :o)

  5. OOo Killing Me Softly is an awesome song!!! It was #1 on the charts the day I was born. :)

  6. judas priest... forgotten classic!
    what a great selection of music
    thanks for the melody's,

  7. I LOVE ROCK'N'ROLL and KILLING ME SOFTLY are the only ones I know from your list :) It amusing how you have both the soft and the rock side :)And you gotta have your Stephen Tyler in the list :P

  8. Oh, I remember listening to #6 over and over again when I was younger. Super list.

  9. Wow - how could I forget Jimmy Buffet!? Great list.

  10. You selected a Priest tune - classic! Thanks for participating.

  11. Ooh, Joan Jett! Crimson and Clover would've been one I'd select for my list if I'd any more room for it. Thanks for this awesome list!

  12. Ah, the Grateful Dead. I fainted at one of their concerts.

  13. oooh! i loved the fugees' killing me softly!!!

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE "Cry to Me"!!!!!! Darn it...I should had that on my top 10 list!!!! Dirty Dancing is my absolute fav movie ever and that is my fav part of the movie. So sexy!

  15. Nice eclectic mix, Melissa! Definitely some songs on here that I am not familiar with, but that's better. Frankly, I love being introduced to new music. Margaritaville. Classic!

  16. "Killing me Softly" is so good. Both versions too, I agree! Awesome. Memories.

  17. Nice list. I too went with the memory lane route. That's probably what most often makes certain songs our favorites.

    Make sure you check my Wednesday post!
    Tossing It Out

  18. I SO wanted to put a Grateful Dead tune on my list, but I settled for a cover of Scarlet Begonias. Awesome list!

    New follower here. Nice ta meet ya!

  19. Anyone who can go from Roberta Flack to Jimmy Buffet is alright with me!

  20. I am not sure of a lot of these so I will have to check them out, but judging from the comments you got good taste girl

  21. Oh, I LOVE Killing Me Softly! Great picks!

  22. Sigh. I Love Rock N Roll. How on earth did I forget that one? Great list!!!

  23. I wasn't familiar with these songs other than Killing Me Softly and Margaritaville. Thanks for sharing

  24. You solved my problem - links were the answer - why didn't I think of that!
    Killing me softly is an amazing track.

    Left-field and interesting, your Inuit to Incas music was very different - I listened to the Touffic track too. That was a wider walk :)

  25. I love both versions of Killing me Softly too. They are so great!

  26. @Nebular...George, my friend, you get many, many cool points. Chip Away the Stone is my all time fave Aerosmith song and they never play it. Got your emails and I will be getting back at you shortly. Hugs!

    @Yvonne Thanks! Roberta gets me every time with this song. The Fugees did a great update.

    @Ellie You had some great stuff on your list. Man, my iTunes budget is going to skyrocket.

    @Jessica Great to "meet" you as well. :) Joan still rocks it, doesn't she?

  27. @Pk You came into the world on a great note. :) Roberta is one of the best.

    @iZombie Jeremy Thanks! Ah...Priest. Rob Halford has one distinct, kick ass voice.

    @Dezmond You know I had to work my man in here somewhere. :) I'll be dancing til dawn with your list of sweet,sexy tunes.

  28. @Clarissa I could not get enough of Joan Jett when I was young. I've got my nephew hooked on her, too.

    @Tara Oh, this list was so hard. I'm seeing songs from other blogs that I'd forgotten about, too. It's been great traveling down memory lane, though.

    @Alex How could I not include Priest? This was a great, great idea. Thank you!

    @Jeffrey Crimson and Clover is one I forgot and it's a fave of mine, too.

    @M Pax I got to be at the their last concert here. What an amazing time. :)

    @aspiring x Didn't The Fugees just rock that song? Lauryn Hill has a great voice.

  29. My senior year of high school, someone (don't remember who) redid Killing Me Softly and my friend would play it over and over while we were cruising the Strip in Vegas. Hadn't thought about that in years. Thanks for jogging my memory.

  30. @Stephanie That is my fave part, too. I couldn't not include Cry to Me.

    @Matty V I'm going to have so many new tunes on my player, it's going to be incredible. I love hearing new music.

    @Hannah Music and memories are hand in hand. Killing Me Softly is very close my heart.

    @Arlee Bird Thanks! Memories are what made writing this list so difficult. I will be there on Wednesday for sure. :)

    @Matthew Rush Hi Matt, great to see you here at The Imaginarium. I look forward to more exchanges. Scarlet Begonias is wonderful song.

  31. @Wendy Thanks! It's a long, strange trip musically.

    @Dempsey I think you'll enjoy these songs. I loved your list. Michael Jackson is absolutely classic.

    @Emily Thank you! Killing Me softly was one tune I had no question about adding to my list.

    @Jennie I know what you mean. I was looking at other lists and wondering how could I have forgotten these songs. :)

  32. Don't tell me, let me guess...

    You're "wasted away again", aren't ya?

    If yer ever headed out Lost Angeles-way, let me know and I'll tell ya where to find the best margaritas in town.

    "And I'm thinking that the gypsy wasn't lying
    All the salty margaritas in Los Angeles
    I'm gonna drink 'em up"
    ~ Warren Zevon

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  33. @Gregg I hope you'll enjoy the other songs on the list. I'm happy you stopped by.

    @Elaine I could not figure out how to get the music player on my blog. :) Toufic and the Inuit were two far out selections, but they hold such great memories I couldn't leave them off the list.

    @Lydia K Usually I don't like remakes all that much, but the Fugees really did their version well.

    @Vicki Rocho Glad you enjoyed the piece. Thanks!

    @Stephen T. McCarthy I will definitely take you up on that offer. I love margaritas! :)

  34. Ohhh, nice place for me to start with exploring classic metal :D Cheers for sharing the list!

  35. Some great classic rock tracks in there :) I'll definitely have to check out the rest. Thanks!

  36. Ha, I just saw Joan Jett open for Green Day last June in London, and it was pretty awesome when I Love Rock and Roll started!

  37. @Trisha I love metal. It's such cathartic music.:)

    @Jamie I always love a good classic rock tune. It was very hard to pick just a few.

    @Ted Joan Jett and Green Day must have been one incredible show.

  38. This is a nice list with some good variety.

    Just imagining a playlist that goes Solomon Burke (RIP, big fella), Aerosmith, The Dead and Priest is kinda cool.

    "Killing Me Softly" is a song I love but had forgotten about...


  39. I went to a Margaritaville for the first time last summer - boy that's a fun song to listen to when the "tornado" comes down in the middle of the restaurant [g]


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