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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Author Tina Gerow/Cassie Ryan

Imaginarians,please help if you can, even it's just to repost this on your blogs, websites, etc. Tina/Cassie is a great, great person and I love her books.

Click here for donations or email donationsfortinagerow@gmail.com

Please help:

Tina Gerow/Cassie Ryan has been taken suddenly and seriously ill. She has an affliction called Arteriovenous malformation or AVM in her brain which has led to multiple surgeries and an extended stay in ICU. No family is ever prepared for such a thing and Tina's is no exception. In times like this, every dollar helps and her friends in the writing community are banding together to ask you to open your hearts (and wallets) to help get Tina's family through this.

Tina is well known to readers and authors across the country who have embraced her books, most recently, (writing as Cassie Ryan) Seducing the Succubus (Berkley/October 2010) and coming in April 2011, The Demon and the Succubus.

Please send your prayers, positive energy and love out into the universe with Tina's name on it. Cards can be mailed to: Tina Gerow, c/o SBP PO BOX 42255, Phoenix, AZ 85080.
Any donations you would like to make to Tina Gerow/Cassie Ryan to help with the burden of mounting medical bills, can be given by visiting this site or by sending a check to Tina Gerow, c/o SBP PO BOX 42255, Phoenix, AZ 85080.

Help spread the word—please post on your blogs and websites.


  1. sad to hear this, hope she will be fine!

  2. Thanks Dez! I haven't heard any more updates, but I'm keeping her in my thoughts.

  3. Oh how sad, I really do wish her all the best even though I don't know her, where can we donate?

  4. Here's the site Dempsey and thank you so much. I'm going to put it up my blog as a link. I thought the site was linked to the post, but I guess not. It's a PayPal site.


  5. I'd never heard of this disease, I hope she makes a quick recovery. Keep us updated.

  6. It's so sad when nice and talented people like Tina/Cassie get seriously ill. I've never heard of this disease either, but I do hope she'll be okay!

  7. Thanks, George. I am keeping her in my prayers


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