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Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's A Party...Hollywood Spy Style

I am jetting off to the most fabulous event on planet Earth: The Hollywood Spy Awards Gala. I'll be rubbing elbows with all the hottest celebs...Lady Gaga, Beyonce...These are but a couple of names who will hitting the ultra lux Hollywood Spy headquarters.

Come on out and join in the fun. Visit HOLLYWOOD SPY

Here's a look at my fabulous, sexy siren gown

And who's that on my arm? Isn't he delish?


  1. ah, I don't know what's more delish, your red stunning gown or your stunning escort :) You always had good taste, Melissa and that's why you got THE HEART AWARD from your HOLLYWOOD SPY :)

  2. Aww...Thank you Dez. You made my week. :)I will treasure this award always.

  3. Put it somewhere in the sidebar for all the world to see it and get envious :))))

  4. Hey Melissa - Totally yummy (both of you - LOL)! Congrats on your award. =D

  5. Glad to see so many have dressed up for Dezz's party!

  6. Thanks, RaShelle! Congrats to you as well. :)

    @Alex it was fun "dressing up."

    @aspiring_x Thank you so much! :)

  7. ohhhh love your gown, I'm wearing something similar ;)
    Anychance we could share that guy on your arm, he's so much better than mine lol

  8. Why thank you, Christian. We have exquisite taste. And I don't mind sharing a bit ;)

  9. Melissa, congrats on the award. You truly deserve it, as you are one of the sweetest, nicest and most sincere persons I've ever met :) Glad to have you as a friend. Oh, and the gown looks absolutely stunning. I love women in red :)

  10. Aww... Thank you so much, George. I love you, too, my dear friend. :)

    I love red myself, such a naughty, powerful color. ;)


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