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Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Favorite Martian Blog Fest

Happy Monday! Today I am participating in the My Favorite Martian Blog Fest sponsored by two of my fave people out there Maurice and Nigel over at the ultra cool site, The Geek Twins. You can check out all of my brilliant fellow participants here.

Remember that show, My Favorite Martian? I do. I used to catch it on reruns here in Chicago on the local station WGBO. Ahh...Bill Bixby, how I miss thee...

Anyway, today we get to talk about our favorite Martian (or non-Martian) and why we love them. I have so many favorites that it was hard to narrow it down. But, after much soul-searching, the choice was pretty clear. My favorite non-Martian is Q.

Part of the Q Continuum , Q is an omnipotent and all powerful being whose motivations are completely vague. He can travel with a thought and call into being a entirely new species with a snap of his fingers. Who would not want to travel round the universe with this guy. Sure he's obnoxious, but he is funny as hell and could create a planet just for you. He could give you the wisdom of the ages, but then again he could just as easily turn you into primordial ooze or a sub-atomic particle. then again he could do the same thing to that psycho co-worker you have to put up with.  It all depends on his mood.

Q And Tell:

Gene Roddenberry named him in honor of his friend Janet Quarton.

He is played by John De Lancie, who also wrote a novel called I, Q.

John's real-life son, Keegan, played Little Q or q in the Voyager Episode Q2

He made his debut in the Next Generation premiere episode Encounter at Farpoint.

So who or what are your favorite Martians, aliens and other extra-terrestrials?


  1. Ok, I admit, I've never heard of Q. I'm not familiar with this face either. He seems kinda cool though. :)
    I just posted mine. You'd never guess who I chose. :)

  2. I always found the Q character intensely annoying - until I saw the episode where they visualised the Q continuum as an eternal waiting room and I realised what they were getting at (the nature of eternity or god-like powers) one of the more interesting Star Trek ideas. Good choice...

  3. Saying hello from the blog hop...I'd like to travel with simply a thought. That'd save me some gas and airfare. I'm not familiar with this character so thanks for the introduction. You can read about my favorite alien in my post for today.

  4. I liked Q. Didn't know that was his son in Voyager though. Great minds - I chose a Star Trek character as well. Actually I cheated and chose two aliens.

    1. Alex of course you would cheat! But that is ok you picked 2 great aliens

  5. John De Lance is very cool in real life and his "Q" is one you loved to hate and love again. So I say "Q2U"...

  6. I have to admit I had not idea who Q was but that is due to my Star Trek ignorance. I am starting my quest to learn more about Star Trek though so at least I am trying.

    live long and prosper


  7. Q is a real cool character. Great choice. I had forgotten all about the guy.

  8. oh, Q is my absolute fave too! I do so adore him and his mischievous ways! And I also lurved his son too especially when Janeway got to be his babysitter LOL Such sweet sweet alien mischiefs....

  9. BWAHAHAHA I chose Q as well because he is just VERY awesome! http://justadashofgeek.com

  10. Ahh, Q is a good choice. Such a brilliant, comic and dark mind... Certainly put Picard through his paces. I didn't know about Q's son, though, (I love it's spelled with a lower case 'q'). Thanks for this.


  11. I've never heard of Q. *hangs head in shame*

    Have you ever seen the movie Paul? Paul is my favorite alien.

  12. Hello from the blog hop!

    Wow, this is the second post I've seen about Q. A great character, though, and worthy of recognition....Jon DeLancie did a bang up job playing him, too.

    Great pick :)

  13. Hooray for Q! I so miss his banter with Picard's crew (Very clever Worf. Eat any good books lately?) and hysterical sense of humor. :D

  14. Nice one, pal. Q simply skipped my mind when I was thinking about what to write.

    By the way, great blog. And it was great that you mentioned Billy Bixby.

    He will be missed.

  15. Q was always great fun. He must have been oodles of fun to play.

  16. Oh yes, I had forgotten that Q was there from the beginning.

  17. Cool trivia Melissa. He's a very popular character and I like how he opened and closed the series. Thanks for joining us!

  18. Yes, Q is definitely a fun character. I loved the episode where he became human and was constantly belly-aching about every little bit of mortality. ;)

    Check out mine at kelworthfiles.wordpress.com (Stupid openID credentials could not be verified.)

  19. Q is a letter of the alphabet as far as Tasha Yar is concerned!

  20. Q was terrific, excellent choice.

  21. Wonderful post Mel! Uncle Martin, AND Q? (Not James Bond's buddy, the other one!) I always liked the Q episodes a lot - I've recently listened to a Peter David Q book on tape - and John De Lancie read it - it was terrific! And since they're all Q - let's mention Suzie Plakson, Corbin Bernsen, and Gerritt Graham - all other notable Q's. Cheers!

  22. Q is an awesome pick! Thanks for the trivia. I didn't know about those.

  23. OhMahGah, I was SO HOT for Q, back in the day!!!!!

    Man, I can't think of another alien-type-feller I've ever been hot for...except, maybe Keanu Reeves as Klaatu in the remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" remake. (I know, I know, remakes are blasphemy...in this case, *hot* blasphemy!) ;-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  24. What can I say that hasn't already been said. I like the fact that John's son carried on after him. Do you remember John on the soap Days of our Lives? He was awesome then too. Now following you. Julie @ http://icreatepurtythangs.blogspot.com

  25. Q use to be on my fav soap opera back in the 80s! He was Eugene in love with Calliope. They added the zany to the show~
    I have seen him a lot of things~ Fun to learn more :D

    Happy Friday!

  26. Love your choice! I recently started going through ST:TNG episodes and he's one of the more interesting characters.

  27. Q is the perfect choice! He was my favorite recurring TNG character :)


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