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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

J Is For...

J Is For Jane Espenson

This woman rocks as a writer and a producer. She has worked on some of my most favorite shows, ever. To me she has had a tremendous influence on the vision of women in television. It's one thing to see strong women on screen, but it's quite another to be the power in the creative process and behind the camera. I think of her as kind of trailblazer in the male dominated realm of sci fi fantasy television. There are others like Sera Gamble and Marti Noxon, but this is J and Jane is someone I admire very much. Here is, but a taste of what this awesome woman has accomplished.

Jane's start came from a Walt Disney fellowship in 1992-93 where she worked on several sitcoms. She moved on to write for Star Trek, penning the episode "Accession" for Season 4 of Deep Space Nine. In 1998, she joined the seminal series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where she would write 23 episodes, more than any other writer except Joss Whedon and Marti Noxon. She won the Hugo award for "Conversations with Dead People." She also served as co-executive producer for 22 episodes and went on to contribute to the Buffy spinoff, Angel.

After her days in the Buffyverse, she continued to work with Joss Whedon penning the episode "Shindig" for the amazingly influential, though sadly short-lived Firefly. She spent a year as executive producer on the highly successful Gilmore Girls and in 2007 joined the crew of another stellar show, the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. She executive produced the Razor television movie, the webisode miniseries Face of the Enemy and 20 episodes of the show. She also served as a writer, penning several episodes from seasons 3 and 4.

Currently, she is the creator and writer of the acclaimed Syfy series Warehouse 13 and has written an episode of HBO's The Game of Thrones entitled "A Golden Crown." She has also written the "Miracle Day" story arc for the BBC series Torchwood. Jane continues to push the envelope and punch through the glass ceiling for women in television.


  1. Wow. That is a laundry list of successful shows.

  2. Interesting post. I've never heard of her, which is common with writers of TV shows I suppose, but she's certainly worked on some of my favourites!

    Ellie Garratt

  3. Great post, Mel! This would make a solid "Person of the Week" segment on my blog!

    While I'm not too familiar with Jane (though now I am, thanks), I am familiar with her body of work. I'm well-aware of Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, and Gilmore Girls.

    My brother is really looking forward to The Game of Thrones. Hope her episode rocks!

  4. never heard of her, but from that list, I must say I loved GILMORE GIRLS, the show with best dialogues ever, so clever, charming and witty! And great actors and sets too!

  5. I adore Jane Espenson. I get so excited whenever I see her name pop up on a show's credits.

  6. I never knew! Thanks for introducing me to the woman behind many of my favorite shows :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  7. @Chris I know! When I was looking at her bio, I was stunned.

    @Ellie Yeah, tv writers just don't garner a lot of attention. I started following Jane because I noticed her name in all my fave shows.

  8. @Matt That is a high compliment from you. Your Person of the Week segments are so informative and interesting. I would love to see Jane or another woman up there some week.

    @Dez Wasn't Gilmore Girls amazing? I loved, loved the dialogue and characters on that show.

  9. @MJ Jane rules! Whenever I see her name, I know the show is going to be great.

    @Jules You are so welcome! :) Jane is someone I have grown to admire very much. How cool that we love some of the same shows.

  10. hehe your blog is neat! Those red velvets look delicious, so exotic. I must get the recipe. And I love the wee cartoons. I had to google lye. lol :) Nice to meet you.

  11. I'm not familiar with Jane, but I have to admit that her resume is pretty impressive! Great post, Mel!

  12. That's the sort of success I guess a lot of us would like to have. It would be great to be successful, but not to the point where you can't be yourself because fans are forever following you everywhere you go.

  13. Those are surely some notable works. I'm one of the frequent watchers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer series :)

  14. Great 'J' article. She's certainly prolific. Funny how these people just stay in the background, quietly creating waves.

  15. We love Warehouse 13--it's one of the few shows my son and I watch together! Thanks for the interesting profile!

    Also, your black and white art: Love it.

    l: Your Library: A Tale Not Told in Books

  16. I think I'd heard Jane's name mentioned along side Buffy, but I didn't realize she was involved with so many shows I've enjoyed so thoroughly. Thanks for setting me straight!

    (Oh, and I love that you're including all the Gorey bits at the top of each post this month. Great stuff.)

  17. @Niki Hello, it's so nice to meet you as well. Yes, those red velvet cupcakes are so delicious. Glad you love the cartoons. I had to look up lye as well. :)

    @Nebular Thanks, George! Jane is very prolific and I really admire her. Glad you enjoyed the post, sweetie.

    @Poddy's Hi And thank you so much commenting. I know what you mean. I would love a degree of success that would simply afford me the opportunity to keep my own normal life, but to able to pay it forward and take care of my family, too.

  18. @Jaccstev, Jane's work is amazing. And I love Buffy, too. Can't get enough even though it's been off the air for so long. Thank goodness for DVD's and syndication.

    @J.L. Isn't it amazing the trailblazers that are in the background affecting change? I love it.

    @Joe, Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by. Warehouse 13 is one of my favorite shows, I love characters and the whole concept.

  19. @Nate Hello! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I knew Jane had been involved with a lot of shows, but I was amazed when I sat down and really thought about it. Glad you love the Gorey kids. It was my favorite abc book.


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