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Monday, February 17, 2014

Dead Speak

Today I am fired up and talking about last night's as well as last week's return of my beloved Walking Dead. All I can say is Oh. My. God. And issue a HUGE...

SPOILER ALERT!! If you are not caught up on The Walking Dead, scroll down until you see Spoiler Over.

Okay, where to begin? The premiere last week absolutely rocked. I loved Michonne's weird trip down memory lane and how she reverted to her old self by getting new pets. I also really dug how she found the will to go on and follow those tracks to Rick and Carl. What an impressive walker slaughter there in the woods. Especially when she killed her walker alter ego. And when she broke down in the diner, then gathered herself to move forward, that made me tear up a bit. Not too much, I'm badass. LOL

Carl...Can we say man and boy trapped together? It was amazing to see Chandler Riggs carry a heavy performance like that. Carl has really grown, yet there is still that boy, hot-headed, rebellious and making mistakes that nearly cost him. I wanted to slap him when he kept antagonizing and disrespecting poor, beat-to-hell Rick. However, my heart was in my throat when he thought his father had turned and he cried, realizing that he could not kill the last member of his family, that he could not truly go on without his dad.

And the ending was pure perfection. Michonne knocking and Rick telling Carl, "It's for you." High fives to the writers on that one.

Last night was beyond jaw dropping as we get to see what happened to the rest of our beloved Team Prison. Daryl and Beth were running through a mini horde of walkers. Those woods are a death trap, I'm telling you. It was kind of strange at first, to hear Beth's voice talk about finding the prison to her diary, but it was a good way for her to shed the last of the naive child. She was still hopeful, almost psychotically so as she fought walkers with Daryl, then forced him to track what she hoped was members of their group.  Then the railroad track walkers just broke her and the last vestiges of teen girl were smashed. She and Daryl moved off down the tracks and hopefully they were going in the same direction as our other group.

Then we moved to Lizzie, Mika and Tyreese, making their way through the woods and, AND Baby Judith is alive and well!! I gave a little fist pump in spite of knowing what a liability a baby is because now I know Rick and Carl have some joy coming. I was really sad for them as they saw that bloody baby carrier. Some truly heart pounding moments with this group. I thought sure they were one dirty diaper away from being walker snack cakes.

We also discover that Lizzie has become a little scary psycho. Those poor bunnies! She had me holding my breath when the walkers were bearing down on her and the girls. I thought she just might smother Judith. Yikes! There is some scary shit brewing there.

Enter my favorite moment of the night. CAROL IS BACK!! How fitting that she winds up with Tyreese's party. Talk about that awkward moment. And now they are following the tracks to Terminus to see what possible problems await them there.

The scene changes to Maggie, Sasha and Bob. Sasha just wants to find shelter and live, Bob is happy he's with two women and Maggie only wants to find Glenn. They find the prison bus, only to discover it's filled with walkers. Oh no...BUT Glenn is not among them. Maggie has a breakdown as she knows he's out there, but where the hell he could be just got scarier.

Poor Glenn had the worst wake up ever. He comes to, calling for his lady love, only to discover walkers everywhere and he's all alone. IN THE FREAKIN' PRISON!!! Props to him for shaking off the terrors, gathering supplies and heading out in full riot gear. Talk about total badass. That was some wicked camera work as we got a Glenn's eye view of a horde of walkers. Too cool. He's just about free when he spies Tara and goes back to get her, even though she was with the Gov.  I'm glad she's alive. Poor kid was snowed by a psycho, lost her girlfriend, sister and niece, all in one fell swoop.

Most poignant moment of the night... poor Glenn finding out Hershel is dead and realizing he is probably all that Maggie has left. Steven Yuen got the perfect look in his eyes for that whole scene. The ep comes to an end with Tara confronting Sgt. Abraham Ford and crew. Holy shit, the criss crossing of their paths, the near misses had me in fits. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

What did you all think?


Thank you all so much for visiting me. I'm sorry my comments and visits have been sporadic and in some cases non-existent. I'm still working through, but I'm getting better. I'll be around more, I swear. I did more writing this weekend than before and I'm feeling better. I love you all, my friends, my Imaginarians.


  1. I'm a season behind, so had to skip.
    Glad you've been writing! And that you are feeling better. Visit when you can - no pressure.

    1. Thanks, Alex! You are a great friend indeed. I can't wait til you are caught up on WD. This show just keeps getting better.

  2. Tearing up a little Melissa? Not you. ;) It sounds like a killer season.

    1. I know, Maurice. Me. Tearing up, only for a zombie show. LOL it is a hell of a season, though.

  3. I am way behind. Not sure I've seen a single ep of season 4 yet. I prefer binge watching anyway. I'll catch up soon.

    So I didn't read the spoilery parts.

  4. Of course I love this show. I'm curious as to the new "safe place" that Tyrese and Carol are heading toward. I hope that Carol has made a choice to be human and not to be a monster, but I seriously doubt this has occurred.

  5. Yay! Someone who likes the Walking Dead as much as me! And does fist pumps! And cries! We should watch it together :)

    I do recaps on my blog as well if you want to check them out: http://vickilesage.blogspot.fr/2014/03/the-walking-dead-recap-season-4-episode.html

    SPOILER ALERT - that link goes to episode 13 (14 coming soon) so don't click if you're not there yet!


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