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Friday, February 14, 2014

Screw Valentine's Day

Yep, you read that right. I hate Valentine's Day and all it stands for and I am here to provide the ranty antidote to all the saccharine sweetness today. I am proudly cantankerous and cynical when it comes to Valentine's Day. It's a Hallmark holiday created to sell crap. The constant commercials and signs urging purchases of jewelry, lingerie, cards, weekends away, dinners in restaurants (better make that reservation asap, gentlemen) and other material nonsense. Along with flora that will soon be dead and mountains of candy.

Dating services get into the insanity, along with bars and hotels with their V Day parties, all trying to pair you off with that special someone because God forbid, you don't have a date. Talk about pressure and mass hypnosis.

Hollywood adds to the craziness with their endless cycle of romcoms and romance movies they truck out this time of year. I'm not a big fan of any of them. The Adorable Schlub meets Hot Girl and tries valiantly to win her. Spunky Cute Girl determined to date Oblivious Boy Next Door she's always loved, but could never date and so consoled herself with Also Rans. Or Rich Naive Girl falls desperately for Bad Boy who changes his ways just for her. Blech! Puts me in diabetic coma.

Then we have the "wink, wink" spontaneous proposals on the local news shows and the daytime talk shows focus on wedding planning. Honestly, it is all a racket. Convincing us we have this One Day to show our love and God help us if the presents aren't good enough, the lingerie not sexy enough, the diamonds not big enough. Jewelers even recommend that you spend three months salary on the engagement ring. Come again. If me or my guy are spending three months salary on anything, we better be able to drive it, live in it or take a jet to it.

So no, I am not celebrating Valentine's Day and this year I am putting out a hit on Cupid. Any sightings of that diapered little bastard will be met with force. Instead, I'm getting drunk with my single friends.and watching some serious horror. Nothing like a bloody mess to celebrate the blackest day on the calendar.

Do any of you celebrate? Or are you a Valentine Hater like me? Talk to me, I promise I won't bite in my responses. ;)


  1. I don't hate it, but my wife and I don't really celebrate it. We love each other every day of the year.

  2. You will never hear me complain about somebody giving me some chocolate, flowers or a smooch on this day :) I'm always open to such gifts and to watching romcoms too :)

  3. We don't celebrate the day as anything special. My honey is a two-time cancer survivor. After twenty years together we've said it all and seen it all. Today is just another day in paradise.

  4. I don't really care about Valentine's Day one way or another. My significant other and I do not do anything special for the event. We might go out for dinner tonight, but that'll be just because I'm too lazy to cook.

  5. Love all year or not at all I say. The holiday has been very commercialized.

  6. I've never been a fan of Hallmark Holidays - this one in particular irks me. Oh, to be sure I've had my share of flowers, cards and bonbons on this bogus holiday but as I said to my darling offspring - forget me on Mother's Day but remember me the rest of the year.

    Funny how so many folks buy into going all out on one silly commercial based day to express "love" - really! - how about one try and show a little respect, kindness, compassion, and maybe even some love the other 364 days. Hmmm, now there's a concept!

    Great post!

  7. I'm sure there are untold millions of men that wish their significant others felt the same you you do. My wife is pretty low key with this sort of stuff, so I don't have to get that stressed over it. We will probably go out to eat or something tomorrow though.

  8. For me, every day is a Valentine's day-- when we and my husband just enjoy being together.

    Love your post.

    Co-host, A to Z Challenge 2014

    Twitter: @damyantig

  9. It's overkill - 'tis true. What horror stuff did you watch?

  10. "diapered little bastard" made me laugh out loud. Not a good thing since I'm at work. :D

  11. You're right. That's a diaper Cupid's wearing.

    Every year, I have to run a booth at a convention that happens over Valentine's Day Weekend. So it's a non-event for me. I spent it alone in my hotel room.

  12. I've never been in to Valentine's Day (and it's not just because I received very few cards growing up). I've renamed it 'Force Romance Day'.

    I like Valentine's day even less than I used to though as we had to have our dog put down on Valentine's Day 2 years ago :(



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