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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cornucopia Of Awesomesauce Thursday

I've decided that today will be Cornucopia of Awesomesauce Thursday. I wanted to take some time and share with you all some amazingly exciting news from friends of the Imaginarium. Jeremy at the wicked fun blog iZombie Lover has an exciting interview with the group, The Blanks, on his site Two Thumbs, Eight Fingers. They are an A Capella group who probably best known as "Ted's Band" on the tremendously popular television show Scrubs. Member Sam Lloyd appeared on all nine seasons as "Ted Buckland."

In other awesome news, Angela Felsted , from My Poetry and Prose Place, is running a contest because her new book, Cleave, will be out January 12 from Finishing Line Press. Cleave is going to rock because it is a poetry chapter book. Check out the trailer, Angela created it herself. I love it.

In more spectacular book news, MPax, from Wistful Nebulae, has her novel Semper Audacia releasing on Oct. 4. Yay! Here's a little bit about Semper as well as the gorgeous cover from M's site.

Alone. Leda is the last living member of the brigade, the sole defender of her world. War took everyone she knew, leaving her in the company of memories and ghosts. Or is it madness?

The siren blares. The enemy is coming. Or is it? The approaching vessel isn't a friendly design, but it answers with the correct code. Leda must figure out whether the arrival is reinforcements or the final assault. In an aging flyer, she ventures out to meet her world's fate, the last stand.

Sounds utterly brilliant, doesn't it? I can't wait to get my copy.

Finally, my newest, Nathan's Angel drops on Oct. 16 from Amber Allure, I'll post the blurb tomorrow.


  1. love Mary's plot, the story sounds imaginative and very sf, which we love off course :)
    But the cover needs more work, the fonts and the position of the text don't look professional.

    And I'm, oh, so excited about the upcoming angel :) Will he fly down using wings or will he appear in the arms of a werewolf? :)

  2. This is awesome!! Thanks for all the links!

  3. Well that is a cornucopia of awesomesauce. Looking forward to so many friends' projects being released so I can finally read them.

  4. Excited about Mary's book! I read all three of her short stories and they were awesome. Angela's trailer is cool. Need to do a big shoutout for your book when it comes out!

  5. I was enthralled by Angela's trailer. What a beautiful piece of video done to one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever.

    Tossing It Out

  6. Thanks for sharing all these news with us, Mel.
    Congrats on Angela and MPax about their new books. :) Ah, and also congrats to you for hitting 150 followers! :)

  7. I like M Pax. She is such a sweetheart, you can just tell from reading her blog. And thank you for the shout out too. Much appreciated.

  8. Thank you for the shoutout, Melissa. Much appreciate it.

    You're so fab. :)

  9. Hi Melissa I lost track of you for awhile but glad I stopped by tonight. So many exciting things happening in the blogosphere. Thanks for so much info.


  10. @Dez He absolutely has to be in the arms of his sexy werewolf. I love the sound of Mary's story as well.

    @Hannah Aww...You're so welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed the links.

    @L.G. Here, here. I can't wait for these books. :)

  11. @Alex I love Mary's writing and can't wait for Semper. Angela's trailer blew me away. And I am just dying with anticipation for Nathan's Angel. Thanks in advance for the shout out. :)

    @Nebular Why thank you, hon. I can't believe I hit 150 followers. It is too cool. I'm happy you enjoyed the links. It's awesome seeing you here. I wish you all the best as you work your behind off with university. :)

    @Angela You are most welcome. Your trailer was amazing. Glad you enjoyed the links. MPax really is a sweetheart.

  12. @Golden Eagle You're welcome. I know you'll enjoy their sites very much.

    @MPax Aww... You're making me blush, Mary. You're very welcome and I think you're fab too.

    @L'Aussie Hi Denise! It's so great to see you here. I'm happy you enjoyed all the linkage here. :)

  13. Awesomesauce! Love that word. Thanks for all the great links.

  14. Hi Melissa,

    What beautiful video poetry, and how cool for what everybody else has been up too. Congrats, everybody!

    Thank you so much for stopping by to see me; I appreciate it very much.

    Kathy M.


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