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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blue Velvet: A Documentary In The Making

"That's a human ear, all right." I can't believe 25 years has come and gone since the release of the iconic David Lynch film Blue Velvet. The infamous ear in this movie was the first body part to ever really creep this horror fan out. Until then it was all gallons of fake blood, deli meats and other assorted materials that had no realistic look to them. It was also the first time I'd ever seen Kyle MacLachlan and heard the F word used so frequently and creatively. Yeah, I was bit young to be seeing this, but when one had connections at the local video store, it wasn't hard to access a copy.

In honor of the anniversary, they are in the process of making an independent documentary about the making of this picture. Since this is an indie effort, the funding is coming through donation. To that end my good friend Craig from the wicked smart and endlessly cool blog Let's Get Out Of Here! is spotlighting their efforts with this post. He also shares some wonderful anecdotes about The Ear and its creator, the uber-talented Jeff Goodwin. He has also posted some terrific photos.

If you're a fan or just want to support a great cultural cause, check out the donation site here

In the meantime, what forbidden films did you see when you were an adolescent?


  1. I've never seen this classic, but I did love his DUNE and TWIN PEAKS was a huge hit in my country.

    When it comes to forbidden films watched as a kid, I think it was CALIGULA for me :))) No, surprise there :)

  2. Same here, I've not seen Blue Velvet at all, though I've heard of one of the infamous scenes with Dennis Hopper...

  3. Saw Blue Velvet years ago. Very quirky film! This making of is a long time in the making.

  4. Melissa! I cannot thank you enough - for the kind words, or this great post celebrating the original movie, and highlighting the long-in-coming (definitely right there, Mr. Cavanaugh) making of documentary. The retrospective is going to be something really incredible, if the teaser footage I saw is any indication. Any and all are welcome to come by LGOOH any time, and if you like what you see, thank Ms. Bradley, and if you don't, blame me. ;)

    And to answer the question, we had just gotten Showtime in 1979, and early on, one Friday night I watched a sordid little exploitation movie called Trip with the Teacher, which starred the later-producer of The Red Shoe Diaries, Zalman King. It was the first movie nudity I ever saw. I have picked up a copy of the movie on DVD in a box set from the great Crown International - will have to see what it looks like to my eyes these days... A few weeks later, at a sleepover at my cousins, we waited until my aunt and uncle went to bed and then turned on Showtime and watched The Dirtiest Show in Town, a filmed stage play that ended in an orgy scene with about a dozen mostly naked people onstage. Wow, the thrills of those forbidden fruits still stand out in my mind!
    Great post, Melissa, for all sorts of reasons!

  5. Also haven't got a chance to watch this film but I'm eager to to give it a try someday.
    And they're gonna make an independent documentary about the making of this picture, that's sound cool indeed!

  6. Another fan of Blue Velvet = (in the voice of Spanish Futbol announcers) GOALLLLLLL!

    That was an excellent post by Craig. I'm happy that we both paid some attention to the cause, and to his super hilarious blog.

    Who could of envisioned so much discussion about a severed ear? Only in Craig's world, right Melissa!? -Craig, I mean that in the BEST possible way, lol.

  7. And as for "forbidden films as a kid" that I most appreciated: nothing was really forbidden for me. Since I had older brothers, I was pretty much exposed to everything. I guess that is one of the predominant, if not precipitous reasons as to why I have such a thorough appreciation for film. Plus, my mom is super cool. She let me get away with a lot. My house was the go-to spot growing up because my friends all knew that my mother was super lenient when it came to childhood excesses. And I had a rebellious streak during my formative years.

  8. I haven't seen it and I'm not sure I can handle seeing it but I love it when they remake cult classics.

  9. I haven't seen Blue Velvet. Don't know how I missed it.
    Our town was sooo small every movie was a family movie.

  10. I'll be back with my forbidden films later - but wanted to mention that Blue Velvet is a big favorite of mine, and the Indi Go Go site totally rocks. Thanks for the head's up on this. I promoted a dance film which was fundraising at Indi Go Go (I also donated) and it raised all of its funding goal and then some.

  11. @Dez Twin Peaks was one of my all time faves. Who killed Laura Palmer was an obsession. Ah Caligula...That was a great film. ;)

    @Jamie See Blue Velvet if you get a chance, I think you'll appreciate it. And that Dennis Hopper scene...I think I giggled about that for years with my friends. LOL

  12. @Alex Quirky to the tenth power I think. :)This documentary is going to focus solely on the crew who made the film and not the actors, but it is a long time coming. I can't wait, though. I hope they get all their funding and then some.

    @Craig No problem, my friend. This is a great cause and I love supporting the arts in any possible.

    Man, I remember those Red Shoe Diaries. They certainly lit up my high school life. LOL

  13. @Jaccstev I think you'll appreciate the twisted inventiveness of this film. I am very interested in the behind-the-scenes of films. It's so fascinating how everything comes together.

    @Matt LOL There's nothing like a good discussion about severed ears. I love going to Craig's blog because I never know what he'll be talking about and his mind is so out there.

    Your mom sounds awesome. I remember having to sneak to watch so many different films because my mom and dad didn't like me watching certain things, though Dad was infinitely cooler than Mom.

  14. @Clarissa Blue Velvet certainly isn't for anyone, but if you ever get the chance, see it. It is quite a demented little adventure.

    @Mary LOL I know the feeling. I used to spend summers in my dad's hometown and the theater there generally missed all the big films. Like Star Wars did not hit Pana until nearly September of 77.

    @Julia Can't wait to see your list of forbidden films. That is too cool about the dance film. Craig just turned me onto Indie GoGo and I think it's just a great site.

  15. Hi Melissa!
    Thank you so much for helping us spread the word about the documentary! I am so very grateful for your support!

    All the latest updates with the film can be found here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Its-a-Strange-World-The-Filming-of-Blue-Velvet/106246812747242

    Thank you again!
    the kindest regards

  16. @Ben You are most welcome! I hope you have raised all the funds you need because this project is extraordinary. I will definitely check out the FB page.

    Anytime I can do my part to support the Arts and independent film, let me know. :)


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