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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Battlefield Update: Round 2 of Chemo Over

Hi there Imaginarians! Happy Tuesday. I'm finally getting around to posting an update about my battle here with that old bastard, cancer.

I had Round 2 of chemo and this one did not go as well as I'd hoped. I had an allergic reaction this time. Talk about scary. When you get chemo, they start you off with a cocktail of drugs designed to prevent any kind of allergic reaction. However, with chemo it is all in the timing of delivery. They started my main chemo drip right after  giving me the cocktail and it hadn't had time enough to work through my system. My whole body suddenly got hot, turning fire engine red. My temp rose so fast that I thought I would spontaneously combust.

The nurses came running as my poor sister nearly freaked out. The drug was stopped and a saline drip administered ASAP. The whole thing felt as long as a wait at the DMV, but really only lasted a few terrifying minutes. Still, it was more than enough to bring home the fact that these are chemicals going into my body which are killing my healthy cells right along with the cancerous ones.

It's been a tough go, but I'm hanging in, keeping my levels up as best as I can.

This fight isn't just physical, though. Cancer is a hell of an expensive fight and I've been out of work these last few months. I'm really facing some financial burdens here. To help, my friends have started this fundraising page for me at Go Fund Me.com If you could share this link, it would help me tremendously. I know times are tough so I'm not expecting donations, just share this so that maybe I can reach the help that I need. I would be forever grateful. Thank you all very much.


  1. I bet it was terrifying. Keep fighting, Melissa. We're spreading the word about the fund for you.

  2. Sorry to hear about the chemo problems :(
    I've tweeted the link many times and will again! Sorry that Steven Tyler didn't see our Tweet, we have to catch him when he is online :(

  3. Keep kicking ass. Saw the link at Alex's and will Tweet it out again now for you.

  4. Chin up and be strong, Mel! We love you, and we believe you can beat the crap out of this cancer.

  5. I've just heard of your plight from Dezmond at Hollywood Spy. I am so very sorry.

    I have tweeted your link. Take care of yourself.

  6. The tiniest mistake can be devastating - sorry it happened, pal. Keep up the good fight in any case - you will KICK Cancer's sorry ass.

  7. Hi Melissa, I didn't know. I'm sorry to hear about both the disease and the chemo issues. No words of wisdom just a big hug and I'll publish your link to help spread the word!!

  8. I am so sorry! My daughter battled childhood leukemia for 2 1/2 years and I know the toll it takes financially. Just when we thought we were heading in the right direction, it is my husband's turn. I am sending good thoughts your way and I will post your go fund me. Good luck in your battle and I will check in again soon!

  9. That must have been terrifying Melissa! Keep kicking butt and taking names!

  10. Hi Melissa - very sorry to hear about your health woes. Cancer sucks arse, but I am glad you're kicking its butt. Best wishes to you & your family!

  11. Oh my gosh, Melissa, I haven't been on my blog for so long that I didn't realize that you have been so sick. I'm sorry. I'm praying for you, and a few days ago I posted about my BIL's successful fight with cancer of his esophagus ... it might be encouraging to you.

    Hugs and love, my friend.

    Kathy M.

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