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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Author Jeffrey Beesler Talks Optical Osmosis

Hey Imaginarians I'm very excited because the fantastically stellar Jeffrey Beesler is here on his whirlwind blog tour. Yay!! He's here to talk about the Secrets of the Universe... okay, I'm kidding, he's really here to share all the good stuff about his newest creation, Optical Osmosis.  Take it away, my friend...

Hi, Melissa! Thanks for hosting me today as part of the Optical Osmosis blog tour. I know outside of the occasional shout-outs on Facebook and Twitter, I haven’t been around as much. Spending most of my free time releasing a new book doesn’t leave me a lot of wriggle room when it comes to visiting good friends. But that’s hardly a good excuse for me not to say hi.

Saying hello is essentially where Optical Osmosis begins, right where the main character’s sister calls him. It is Christmas morning, and Greg Gnops is trying to sleep away the lingering effects of a December 24th party. His sister, Ashley, calls him under the guise of wanting to say hello and chat with him a bit. This is all well and good, except that it’s barely 7 A.M. when she calls. Greg immediately chalks this up to his sister being her usual self, like she’s the center of the world and all should bow before her. For a long time, he doesn’t suspect that maybe her early call might’ve been a cry for help.

Later in the story, Greg starts to think that Ashley’s partying lifestyle may have collapsed into a debilitating bout with alcoholism. Of course, he has a heck of a time trying to convince her to get the help she so clearly needs. It doesn’t help that Ashley’s new boyfriend, Flint Kyles, disagrees with Greg’s assertion that Ashley drinks too much. It’s only because of Ashley’s best friend, Dani Staras, that Greg doesn’t lose all hope in getting through to his sister. In fact, Dani’s the one who convinces him that Ashley has a problem to begin with.

Of course, the Greg/Ashley dynamic is just a piece of the puzzle that is Optical Osmosis. I think the reason why this dynamic came to be is because of my own relationship with family members. I’ve seen some of them choose the lifestyle Ashley chooses. It’s not one I would choose for myself, but rather than pass judgment I’ve focused more on the consequences of the choices we make. Hopefully, the consequences come across genuinely as you read my story.

Here's where you can find Jeff 

Twitter handle: @JeffBeesler

Bio: Born in May of 1978, Jeff Beesler has been writing since the 7th grade, although he likes to point out that his elementary teachers in 2nd to 6th grades kept sending him to Young Author’s Conferences throughout his school district. When not writing, he can be found chatting it up on social media, reading books, or playing computer games.

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  1. Hey Jeffrey! If I remember right, you've never even touched alcohol.
    Simple beginnings for what's sure to be an intricate story!

    1. This does sound like a really terrific story, doesn't it?

  2. Congratulations on the book release, Mr. Beesler! Best of luck with it! Mel, you bring in interesting guests! Well done!

    1. Thanks, Craig! Appreciate the high praise very much. Jeff's book really sounds amazing.

  3. I do like the cover, very eyecatching if you get what I mean....

  4. Alex: Actually, I haven't touched a beer since I was three. I was a naughty toddler!

    Melissa: Thanks again for hosting me! I appreciate it so much!

    Craig: Thanks for the well wishes! It has been doing great thus far!

    Dezmond: Sounds like one of the puns I might employ! Thanks for dropping by!

  5. What a cool idea and it's nice that you draw from your life for this Jeffrey.

  6. The cover looks really great! Congrats on the book release.


  7. Yes, Osmosis Optical interesting!

  8. Maurice: It stems from write what you know, and what do I know better than my own life, right?

    Gina: Thank you!

    Leovi: Glad it appeals to you!

  9. Family relationships really shape who we become. I enjoy books that explore family and especially sibling dynamics.

    1. Hey Susan, yes there is a lot that goes on under the surface of family dynamics. I love reading about these relationship webs, too.

  10. Congratulations on the book release. The more I read about this book, the more my interest increases.

    1. You and me both, Al. :) I can't wait to read this.

  11. Susan: I've come to realize that relationship dynamics are a huge part of any book. It's fun to take them apart and look at them piece by piece, at least in the fictional realm!

    Al: Thank you so much!

  12. Hey Jeffrey good luck with your new release Optical Oasis! I'll give you a shout out this Wednesday.

  13. Hi Jeffrey I am intrigued! It sounds really great~
    Nice to be featured in Melissa's world~
    Congrats Jeffrey and I love the cover n' title :D

    Hi Melissa I hope life is returning to normal for you~
    Me, not so much, lol

  14. The cover picture has really captured my imagination!
    I can't wait to get my hands on this one...
    Writer In Transit


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