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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Random Laughs and Smiles

I really need a laugh and a smile today, so I am posting some vids that bring me a little joy no matter how bad I'm feeling. If you've seen them a million times already, sorry, but it's my blog and I'll post whatever I want. :)

This first is a 60 year old cartoon that still accurately describes some American drivers and we know who we are... Big Red Arrow pointing right at yours truly because when I get behind the wheel, look out. ;)

My next selection is a favorite because Buffy is my girl and sorry Twi fans, but I can't stand the sparkly Edward. He's creepy and stalkerish and did I mention he sparkles? Watching this always brings a smile to my face.

I love this one just because of the sentiment.

I love this mash-up a lot because I love Jane Austen and I love Fight Club. Makes me want to go out and grab my posse of bitches.

This last video makes me smile and get moving. I love to dance and one of my fave things in movies is dancing. Unfortunately, the embed code has been disabled with this one, but here's a link to a great vid that is so well-edited, it is unbelievable. The song is "Footloose" by Kenny Loggins.



  1. I agree with you on the matter of the sparkly vampires. They simply do not do justice to the creatures that are vampires. Give me the vamps from Buffy any day of the week.

  2. LOL, I love the fight club. Sure did make me laugh. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  3. I'd seen the Jane Austen Fight Club before and love it. And the Buffy/Edward remix is crazy good.

    But as a ballet freak and dance lover, that last one rocked.

  4. I support everyone who mocks TWILIGHT and JANE AUSTEN :)))

  5. @Jeffrey Here, Here! Can I get an Amen? I miss Buffy.

    @Jules The Fight Club made me laugh so hard the first time I saw it, I keep going back when I need a giggle.

    @Julia I know that dance video was so cool. I was so impressed with how every scene was on beat with the song.

    @Dezmond I knew you would, my friend. :) That's why I love you.

  6. That Twilight Remixed video is great! I remember the old school Sarah Michelle Gellar Buffy days. I always thought she had a subtle charm. It worked perfectly for her character. And clearly, I am a staunch advocate of anyone who takes shots @ Twilight.

  7. @Matty V Oh how I share your sentiment on Twilight. Glad you enjoyed the remix. I was a huge Buffy fan.

  8. ROTFL! I love that song ... hilarious! I've seen the Jane Austen one before and love that one too. And I've never seen the Buffy/Edward one... that was great.

    Thanks for the treat!:)

  9. ha ha, a lot of them made me snile Mel, good findings!

  10. @Dempsey Thanks! Happy I could make you smile. :)

  11. @Pk I love that song, too. They have a whole repertoire. My friend directed me to the Buffy/Edward one. Laughed so hard the first time I saw it. Glad you liked them. :)


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