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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Ninja Giveaway & ATrailblazing Woman Remembered

Happy Tuesday, Imaginarians!! Hope you all are having a terrific week so far. I wanted to share some exciting news. Captain Ninja, Alex J. Cavanaugh, is having a stellar giveaway. It includes not only a copy of his sci fi epic CassaStar, but...BUT it also includes a review copy of CassaFire, the highly anticipated sequel which will blaze into our solar system on February 28, 2012. But wait... There's MORE! Included also in this stupendous bag of awesomeness is bookmarks, postcards and other goodies courtesy of Dancing Lemur Press, Alex's publisher. How cool is this? All you kids have to do is head on over to his site here for all the rules. It's open until Dec 31 and the winner will be announced on January 4.
And now I want to share with you a trailblazing woman who left a huge mark in this world and won't soon be forgotten. If you have ever seen A League of Their Own, you'll know about the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. Mabel Holle was one of the first to sign up when PK Wrigley came calling in 1943 with his idea of the AAGPBL. She played third base and outfield for the Kenosha Comets and later the South Bend Blue Sox. She even had her very own baseball card and is included in the baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.

She admired baseball greats Stan Musial and Dizzy Dean and said in an interview with thediamondangle.com that the thrill came from "Playing every day with and against strong teams. Being treated like a pro by not only management, but by your team and your fans. And of course being together with your teammates." Treated like pros at a time when women were not equals is amazing. She made 50 to 70 dollars a week, which was more than her father at the time. Yet, even as a pro athlete she still had to wear skirts, make up and take part in etiquette lessons.

After leaving the league in 1944, Mabel took a teaching job. It was in this capacity where she affected the lives of thousands of girls. She spent 35 years as phys ed teacher and coach at Waukegan High School and was instrumental in bringing Title IX to Illinois, the 1972 federal law that bars sex discrimination in academics and school sports.

She passed away on Sunday, Dec. 11 at the age of 91. On behalf of all women, thank you, Mabel for blazing a trail the rest of us have followed. You are one of my kick-ass heroines.


  1. I always love giveaways! And thank you, Mabel.

  2. Mabel sounds like an interesting woman, Melsy, totally your type of sister :)

  3. Melissa, thanks so much for plugging my giveaway!
    She lived a great many years - means she had a long time to affect a lot of lives!

  4. aww this is so awesome! I loved A League of Their Own and to know that Mabel was really a part of that and also a strong woman thereafter is wonderful to learn. Sounds like she will be extremely missed!


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